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Cold staking is a protocol that rewards long-term coin holders for staking their Callisto coins.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Founders team 02-06-2019

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Founders team 02-06-2019

@Dexaran @yograterol @sampol18: Hello, Callisto Community

Hi, @yograterol, @Dexaran, @sampol18!

1. Please tell us, when you are planning to make a Galilei release? (We are all looking forward to this and it’s for a very long time. On top of that it’s only one point from the Roadmap that you didn’t complete on time. I wish that I could continue to use other projects on the Callisto Network as to how to perform Roadmap)

Galileo project stills in Progress. Right now I’m the only dev on this project so maybe will take some time. Project completion is about 90%. But we need to test it a lot. Once it is stable I’m planing to publish a beta link so anyone on the comunity can test it first.  Hope it will be next month. (Carlos)

Do you talk about testnet for developers? (Yohan)

2. Are you planing to expand the Callisto functionality, introduce additional ideas? (Or is the audit is only on of the tool that will allow you to keep the price on the CLO and compete with many other “altcoins”)

Right now we are planning a lot of projects to improve Callisto Network perception. 

– Callisto Hub 

– improve and incentivate Dapps creation with a strong documentation 

– A new explorer with a more intuitive interface

In did. All of these projects are in progress right now. (Carlos)

For my point of view, I can say that we bring to the end what we promised to do and we are still far from complete. We must first complete our current goals and only then we will announce the new ones and expand the CLO functionality, however we are open for any proposals and ideas. (Dexaran)

Of course, I’ve talked about bring to CLO new dApps and to have more options about utility different to Audits and CS, Audits and CS are working well and right now the market is requesting for more. (Yohan)

3. How do you expect to constantly move? (Promotion of recognition and accordingly CLO price) or you put this ship in “free swimming” and the calculation will be on the growth of the entire crypto market?

The situation is more dependent on the position of the crypto market. We can not manually manipulate the price, and therefore can not determine the limits of the scalability of the project. (Dexaran)

CLO is not in “free swimming”, and yes I expect to constantly move. (Yohan)

4. Any ideas and the possibilities of how and what to implement to increase the value of the CLO coin? As an example the BNB (they introduced several tools, because of which the BNB coin has real value and everyone wants to buy it and hold it). Are there any thoughts to implement something like this (or something else) ?

Can you give an example of what BNB did to increase the buying value besides marketing/promotion/being a coin of top1 exchange? (Dexaran)

BNB is the token to pay listing fee in Binance Dex, it’s the only purpose I see, it’s ok. And this point is related to point 2. (Yohan)

5. When will we see the real work  of head of  marketing? So far Alejo’s deals are only listing related  (This is what we can to see. Perhaps is he doing something else? Because we can’t  see anything else) Listing exchange is not exactly the marketing. But even for listings 95% of the community has questions … (in particular, why was spending money on all sorts of coinbene, sistemkoin, dobitrade, etc. – it would be better to spend some money on  Bittrex or Huobi, there are the real  investors. When we see the real marketing / PR? Advertising integrations with video bloggers, attending conferences, targeted advertising on social networks, advertising posts in thematic groups in telegram channels, twitter and other venues, contests for community development, etc.?

I will give you detailed explanation after answering the rest of the questions. (Dexaran)

what is “real work” for marketing? Because put money in marketing is one shot and expensive to keep it long term. It must be smart, only ICO put money there constantly, about contests doesn’t work, contests only attract people wanting free money. (Yohan)

6.Do you think that Ethereum blockchain is outdated and it’s the time to switch to another one? As an example –  Cosmos blockchain. This will introduce a number of new features. (Moreover – Callisto Network positions itself as a separate blockchain and we are not tied to Ethereum and ETC?). To make the smart contract audits for the TRX, ETH or EOS platforms is it important that the CLO coin been on the ETH blockchain.

I think that Ethereum is now outdated. EOS is currently the best solution from technical point of view. It is not essential for CLO to stay on top of Ethereum protocol and we are planning to migrate into a better protocol eventually. (Dexaran)

ETH 2.0 will come with a lot of improvement, right now EOS overcomes ETH however in the next two year it could change. My bet continues in EOS and ETH. (Yohan)

@dexaran hi!

It is frustrating that the financial report has become closed, it undermines the credibility of the company as a whole.

What do you mean closed?

Previously, the financial report was published, now it is closed, as I understand it, and I can’t see the expenses of the treasury, respectively, the company may have questionable expenses

“Salary” – This is a common phrase that many investors may not be satisfied with.

Our financial report is still open. It is updated once a month. (Dexaran)

I heard you, but I’ll stay with your opinion, I have the first reports, and they are better than those that you publish a lot more than 50% of the words “salary” without commenting, it can be dishonest spending

I understand it. However two points:

1- GDPR, Callisto Network Foundation OU is incorporated in EU, we have team members from EU, we will not pay our treasury fund in penalties from there.

2- Security, some people outside from EU want to keep privacy. 

And in the last month we haven’t made a lot of transactions differents to salary, it’s part of the reason to see a lot of “salary” words. (Yohan)

first question: you have not implemented the Galileo exploit still. OK) this is not a problem. The question is why the network has its own exploit without projects implemented on the basis of the network?

Exploit, explorer? I don’t understand. (Yohan)

Mr Dexaran, any idia about bnb chain?

Are you interesting in technical quality or trading opportunities?

Just can we? Or not. Make proxy with bnb blockchain

@dexaran any plan about POS?

We were discussing this within the team. I’m in favor of DPOS. Anyways, it will not be in the next hardfork and we have a lot of relevant problems to work on before it.

I think that we will switch to a new protocol (thus to a new consensus type) eventually, but it is on-hold now.

Dear Callisto team, this is questions from aaatrade’s: 

1. Immediately to the point – the project can not reverse its downward trend, maybe the team will begin to demonstrate confidence in the recovery of the course and stop pouring into the market all their salary, leaving at least 10% for example. My opinion is that if things go bad, you need to show confidence in your example and focus on expanding the functionality of the Callisto cryptocurrency.

The project definitely can not reverse its downward trend. I recommend that you read how market cycles work for better understanding of what can reverse trends:


I haven’t sold my salary on the last months. Another members of team living with their salary, We can’t force them to avoid selling it, they have family. Another team members hold 20-30% monthly. Market don’t depend if team members spend their salary, it’s them right. (Yohan)

 2. Question about fork in November 2019. Will the stackers be able to put forward their independent ideas, which can be financed with a successful vote?

I would say that the Governance System implementation is scheduled for the next hardfork. The answer  to your question is: ” Yes, if we will not get any problems with testing we will release and deploy it at that time. ” (Dexaran)

Right now we have a repo for proposals, there people could vote too, however it’s part of the goals to CLO, community votes through stakers. However right now we’ve received scammer ideas, it’s a bit sad but the majority are good ideas. We must take care about bad ideas and good ideas. (Yohan)

 3. Where is the marketer? No activity from it for more than 3 weeks.

The marketer is doing his job and it is not always related to creating a lot of hype around the project. (Dexaran)

Why do you say it? (Yohan)

Alejo is missing, we don’t see him being active at this difficult time.

I talk everyday Sunday-Sunday with Alejo. (Yohan)

Alejo has focus right now on investors attraction.  That’s why he is a little bit missing on this chat. We talk with him every day. Sunday to Sunday (Carlos)

 4. Why doesn’t the project have a policy to take an ideological perspective participant from the community as a member of the team? For example, to announce a contest for the best idea for the development of Callisto application from community members. Whose idea will be better – she receives funding, and the Creator of the idea is a member of the team for a trial period. 

We are hiring new team members when we need them. We post positions at github. (Dexaran)

We could discuss it, sound interesting to protect funds from scammers. (Yohan)

5. Are you expecting any new to halving? Now is a dangerous moment and need hot news, what do you think about it? 

Monetary policy implementation is a good “news” on its own. (Dexaran)

HF 23 June, cuttting  reward block 40%. (Yohan)

6. Why the project team does not care about the popularization of the community internal reserves of the project? Need more movement on instagram, Twitter and YouTube. My idea is for every comment or post about Callisto on social networks to be paid in CLO. You need to create a separate wallet for 1 000 000 CLO and within a certain period of time to pay the guys for the manifestation of activity. You can develop an automatic payment system. 1 live like – 10 CLO 1 unique live commentary – 25 CLO 1 unique live comment with picture and repost – 50 CLO Making a video on the project Callisto – 100 CLO for 1 view And so on. I believe that the popularization of the project will increase significantly when positive activity starts from within the project.

Its wrong time. We will do it when the market will enter the next phase. Watch lowsat coins. (Dexaran)

We must pay real content value, if you put (by myself experience) a contest like it, a lot of people wanting free money will comment with any real value, it doesn’t make popularity it’s spam putting free CLO on the market reducing liquity for real holders. (Yohan)

 7. What do you think about attracting traders? The fee for live trading is 0.2% of the monthly turnover in the CLO for active traders. 

I didn’t understand your question. (Dexaran)

Traders != investors, there could be traders making wash trading and earning free CLO. it depends of exchanges, I don’t discard the idea, let me talk with Stex CEO. (Yohan)

8. We should also address the issue of attracting miners. Miners will come to a good demand for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is important to reverse the trend. What do you think? 

We can’t artificially reverse the trend. (Dexaran)

It’s true, we’re talking with some big minig pool of ETH, right now we don’t have a real result but it’s still on going. (Yohan)

9. What do you think about updating the design of the main site? Make it more presentable, lively and simple. 

You are totally right and we are planning to redesign the main website styles. But, right now we have 4 projects in progress.  Please be patient. Once we have a new design I personally will publish it on the main channel. (Carlos)

You are free to post your ideas. You can also create a proposal if you can implement. Alternatively you can just describe your idea there. (Dexaran)

Could you send me your feedback about the site? I will really appreciate it. (Yohan)

10. I think it is right to strengthen the project to develop a system of principles of the Callisto Network project. Clear clear principles, which are based on freedom of opinion and support for the development of the project. What do you think about it? 

I agree. (Dexaran)

We receive opinions every day, here we don’t support only asshole people, the community should be healthy any opinion good or bad must be published without affect the reputation of the project, member of the team or another community member. (Yohan)

11. When will the road map be updated? 

That’s totally my fault. I need to update it ASAP.  Hope it will be today/tomorrow (Carlos)

The next whitepaper release. (Dexaran)

This month (Yohan)

12 Why conducted audits from the team Callisto remain without feedback?

Some developers leave their feedback on their twitter  or at our github. You can check it. (Dexaran)

What do you mean? (Yohan)

@Dexaran with what  ethereum project you could teoretically cooperate Etc or Eth? thx a lot

The main idea of Callisto Network is to enhance the whole infrastructure of any Ethereum-compatible project. So, we can cooperate with each and any project that utilizes smart-contracts.

Mr.Dexaran.Why you stop listing clo ??

We haven’t stopped to list CLO in new exchanges, only it takes time and we’re not interested in announce any exchange each week with less real volume of Stex. (Yohan)

Right now we are working on empower Dapps with callisto Hub.  Create a powerful and well commented  environment to get more projects/comunmity to Callisto (Carlos)

@Dexaran migrate to EOS blockchain will be the best thing you can do!

Probably yes. There were two reasons to launch CLO on top of Ethereum’s protocol:

1. We were planning to copy&paste our protocol improvements and ideas into ETC (which is Ethereum-like).

2. Ethereum was the most advanced protocol at the moment of CLO creation. Now the things changed and we will keep the project up to date.

Dex, you often said that clo not for smart contracts. But maybe it is not smart to ignore this niche? I think, that if you make a service with standart open smart contracts, or services for making it for people with less skills in programmer, it will be increse value coin in xxx times. Question is. More asking. Please, change politics and start increasing smart contract in clo system with your command.

Hi, you are happy with work of the marketing specialist? There is a wish to learn your opinion. Why did he spend funds for the bad exchanges? (Dobitrade, coinbane, sistemkoin, idax)

Yes, I am happy. About Dobitrade, Coinbene, Sistemkoin, Idax.

Yes, it’s a mistake we will not repeat. Sistemkoin is not bad for Turkey. (Yohan)

What about partnership with TRON?

It’s happening. It’s only for auditing. (Yohan)

What do think about making alternative smart contract which is mean ages cold money, but with double profit in percents. Maybe members will be able return money with 50%tax. It is like ICO. Who believe in project will invest money, and will get only devidends.

It could be a bit dangerous because it turn it CLO in a security and stop a lot of conversation with exchanges. (Yohan)

Over the past months, we were promised 4 exchanges, we saw only one. A month ago, another exchange was promised soon, but after that the marketer disappeared.

please share a link/screenshot were someone from the team mentioned 4 exchanges

There nothing says about 4 exchanges and this is the last AMA with Alejo

@Dexaran  what kind of women do you prefer, brunettes blondes or brown-haired. This is ama guys thx

brown-headed for sure.

@yograterol  What will happent when after hard fork will we less miners? For me as a CLO miner is actually long time not profitable coin :/ And cold staking will not pay me different for electric… I trust a CLO, but price is low, volume on stex looking not so high and i must donate electric for mining…

Maybe in the first moment some miners leave but the diff and price will make CLO profitable again for miners and new miners will come.

@Dexaran Do you plan to expand the functionality of CLO, which can interest investors?

We plan to implement decentralized governance system which will allow community to distribute a part of Treasury funds in future. Also, we plan to improve the Security Department structure to allow for better automatisation. This is important for further steps and turning Security Department governance model into a smart-contract. I’m not sure if it is what you are asking for but it is what we planned and announced since the very beginning.

@Dexaran I know you invested a lot in trading bots development and service. How the things are going? Were it you who bought coinsignals? How tradingview affects the situation with coinsignals tool and which one do you prefer?

Personally I prefer because it has some advanced functionality such as lowsat altcoin charts.

Everything is fine, but it is not related to Callisto anyhow. (Dexaran)

More than 6,000,000 coins were sold from the fund labeled “Chinese Investor”. Who is it?

It’s a person that is connecting us right now with a couple of big chinese exchanges. (Yohan)

When can we expect the result?

We have a call with them the last week, we’re waiting for their answer. (Yohan)

@Dexaran, @yograterol @sampol18 What are the next plans for Chinese or Korean markets? Thank you for answer. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK….

See the question and answer above

Who is marketolg today?) I dont understand) alejo or sampol?) Or sampol has another function?)


@yograterol, @Dexaran, @sampol18 

It would be very nice if team publish weekly report on

What has been done, and what work is in progress right now

Totally agree. (Yohan)

Yes sir, totally agree with you.  Thanks (Carlos)

Mr. Dexaran, are you love Clo? Or its just hobby for you?

I would say yes. When you put a lot of energy into something and create something to solve a problem or give the world something that has never existed before, you definitely feel some mental attachment to your creation.

Are there any real requests for the development of dApps on the CLO. because infrastructure development for dApps is awesome! But there is no evidence of interest from other projects. And the infrastructure is not declared anywhere.

Yes, we have requests and for that we’re porting Metamask as “Callisto Hub” and Callisto Hub website will be dApp directory for CLO. (Yohan)

You did not answer the question. The network is not implemented, in front of HF, which will allow the steckers to participate in the project, I would like to see the projects implemented and working on the network. Metamask how will be associated with the project? and why should projects choose a side platform for development when there is a main operating network of ETH?

Got it, so, to see implemented and working projects on the network could take a bit more of time. 

Metamask will not be associated to the project.

why should projects choose a side platform for development when there is a main operating network of ETH?

Costs and tools, we have advantage in the first point and we’re working on the second. (Yohan)

Which one of you owns this etc wallet?

I don’t, what is the issue with the wallet? (Yohan)

@Dexaran can you answer about smart contract on clo block chain? I really don’t understand why you opposite from it? Even if clo dont reach level of eth, but 10% will be enough for top 100…

I understand the position of him about smart contracts on ETH based chains, it’s not only CLO. However we have a pristine  ecosystem and if we will migrate to a better platform like ETH 2.0 or EOS, we will bring with us a lot of deployed dApps, it’s the way and the middle point.

dApps will arrive to CLO yes or yes. I agree with new smart contracts and dApps. TPS doesn’t affect us right now and good dApps could use CLO as platform spending less money in smart contracts vs another chains with less supply as ETH or ETC where run a smart contract could be expensive. (Yohan)

I had some experience with smart-contracts in ETC.

It has been empirically proven that smart contracts are usually developed where it is popular, and not where it is profitable. Therefore, I see no reason to believe that CLO will be used as a platform for smart contracts. Of course, we can create many tools and promote the idea of   developing smot-contracts for CLOs, smart contracts can be developed here. However, this is unlikely to make the whole crypto industry better if we just lure out some projects with ETH in CLO in my opinion. (dexaran)

@yograterol Can we expect any big events in the next two weeks before HF ?

The cards are on the table, I hope positive news.

@yograterol   Do you not hurt to see the price of your own work 

  labor at 30 satoshi?

A lot, I’m not happy with the current market is not fair for this project. I have a “fair” price in my mind.

But my job continue with this price or with big/fair rate, I could say you that the current rate is not pride for any team member.

how much is the fair price to you ?

Between 3-5 USD cents.

I am a miner. Why should I give the reward from the block to your development. I already bought the equipment, I spend on electricity. Let the investors keep you who have come to anything ready.

This is not an answer, I think this is not fair. If you do not need a miner, change the consensus. Or at least put a Pos in the roadmap.

In the WP is explained the “why”, however the protocol is not stoling your money, you’re not putting money on the treasury and staking bag. 

There is explicited how much is for the miner, if staking and treasury don’t exist you will receive the same. (Yohan)

@Dexaran Do you have many friends among cryptoprojects, can it is worth thinking of partnership with EOS or ETC?

This could be controversial, however, I don’t see a real benefit putting a partnership with ETC.

With EOS we start with audits. (Yohan)

Yes, I have. We can do more than just say “we are partners” because we can bring some real benefits to each of this projects (free audits at least). I’m a little concerned about the situation with ETC. I think that we could do more together but it seems that ETC community is not interested. Honestly, I put a lot of my enegry in ETC but it turns out that it is easier to build your own project than achieve a consensus within 3 teams. (dexaran)

Dear Devs,such question, may be your lost a lot of time, and a lot of projects bit you, but you think that you are doing project well?

At least I don’t think that I lost time with CLO, I like a lot the project and my life is moving around CLO. I must improve a lot of things, I have been on the community side and now beeing in side of the founder of a crypto project the view is totally different and I will always receive feedback from community to improve myself and the project. (Yohan)

@Dexaran what mean your twit «So $XRP»?

XRP is one of the most undervalued “top altcoins” at the moment if you evaluate its growth potential.  Just compare its growth from the lowest dip to the same growth of EOS/ETH/LTC.

@yograterol When to wait for new exchanges?

When we have a date for the next listing we will announce it here. We have a listing soon, i’m wainting last details. Right now we’re moving on China cryptospace.