Attention! Hard Fork 1 Approaching Soon

Attention! Hard Fork 1 Approaching Soon

Hard Fork 1

As announced earlier, Callisto Network will implement its first hard fork on November 11th. In order to ensure a smooth implementation, there are some precautions to be taken before the hard fork takes place. This change on Callisto’s blockchain will be mainly focused on the implementation of Cold Staking protocol.

It is mandatory for Exchanges and Mining Pools to upgrade the clients in order to be compliant with the HF1-release. Read further.

Cold Staking

To read more about Cold Staking protocol, we have created some interesting articles in the past:

Upgrading Client Codes

In order to have a smooth run of the hard fork, Exchanges and Mining Pools are required to upgrade the client codes with the ones that are compatible with HF1.

The HF1 client update can be found on our Github repository.