How to Stake CLO

Cold staking is a protocol that rewards long-term coin holders for staking their Callisto coins.

Callisto in one year

Callisto in one year

As 2018 is coming to an end we wanted to present to you a short recap of what Callisto has done this year and what our thoughts are regarding some short-term ideas.

Callisto Network 2 0 1 8 in numbers:

Cold Staking:

  • 400.000.000 CLO Staked on first round (2M USD)
  • 540.000.000 CLO Being Staked on second round (2.7M USD)

Security Audits:

  • 100+ Finished
  • 15+ On queue

Social Media:

  • 10k+ Users on telegram
  • 10k+ Followers on Twitter

Blockchain Metrics:

  • 3 TH/s Network Hashrate (Peak)
  • 1.5 TH/s Network Hashrate (Average)
  • 40k+ Transactions per day (Average)

Coming changes in Callisto:

New smart-contract security audits system:

As you all know, we have performed several smart-contract audits this year. We had reached the amount of 100 audits done.

We offer totally free security audits but we think that is time to generate incomes with this feature.

Our main goal is to keep doing the security audits for free. But we will charge for the results in some cases:

   .The smart-contract has 5 (Five) or more low severity issues   

   .The smart-contract has 2 (Two) or more medium severity issues

   .The smart-contract has 1 (One) or more high severity issues

With this new schema, we will be rewarding those developers who had made a secure smart-contract providing them with the final report for free and a badge from our security team.

If the smart-contract audited had several issues, we will be charging to share the results with the fixes.

Also, we will be adding features and keeping some old ones as:

   .High Priority for the audit report to be done

   .24/7 Support for the smart-contract developer team

Few changes that are coming right away:

A new landing page:

   .t will show the total amount of CLO being cold staked in CLO coins and USD.

   .It will also show the total amount of Security Audits done and the total of USD protected with those audits.

New audit section on the webpage. This will come with some changes including the new paid schema.