How to Stake CLO

Cold staking is a protocol that rewards long-term coin holders for staking their Callisto coins.

Callisto Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Callisto Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Callisto Network is pleased to announce our new membership with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) focuses on creating industry standards for interoperability and the wider adoption of Ethereum for enterprises. EEA boasts a diverse group of members, representing industries such as finance, public sector, medicine, insurance, tech, and much more (see full list of members here). EEA is an interactive non-profit whose mission is to mature Ethereum-based applications so that they are suitable for businesses. Callisto’s membership with EEA will foster research and development in interoperable infrastructure and support the project’s goals as delineated in the white paper. Specifically, it will aide in the development of, governance, IPFS file storage and host nodes, scaling, network protocol merging, zero proof cryptography, and smart contract security and platform development.

EEA’s network of members will facilitate the further deployment of interoperable blockchain functionality on existing platforms and both public and private blockchains suitable for enterprise use. Enterprises have been apprehensive about adopting Ethereum technology for many reasons. The primary obstacles standing in the way of enterprise adoption are privacy, security, scalability, and a lack of understanding of the underlying technology. Callisto, working EEA and its members will assuage these concerns and continue developing robust solutions for industry-specific use and general-purpose enterprise applications. Callisto’s membership with EEA will open the door for direct collaboration between the proposed end users and the Ethereum-solutions architects; the goal being to reduce apprehension toward these solutions and deliver applications that are built to suit, wherever possible.

As Callisto continues to implement the features detailed in its roadmap, it will leverage its membership with EEA to continue the planned protocol implementations after hardfork 1. In addition to the protocols listed in the whitepaper, the EEA network will allow the Callisto team to seek out and develop new enterprise solutions based on demand. In parallel, the partnership with EEA can be used to drive the adoption of Callisto’s planned implementations, which will improve the security and functionality of the existing network. For example, free smart contract auditing is potentially very valuable to enterprises who would otherwise pay for this service. Security auditing is expensive, but a proven method to audit smart contracts at no cost will likely induce the wider usage of CLO/ETC smart contracts deployed on Callisto’s Network, with the option to interoperate with Ethereum and other Ethereum-based networks. In this sense, Callisto’s membership with EEA brings it more in line with Ubiq, which is another Ethereum-based network that focuses almost solely on decentralized applications for enterprise use. If, for example, an enterprise is running an application on Ubiq’s platform but suddenly has the ability to receive free audits for their contracts AND interoperate between Ethereum Classic and Ubiq’s network, they would be incentivized invoke CLO/ETC contracts without necessarily abandoning Ubiq’s network.

Callisto’s membership with EEA is another reflection of Callisto’s dedication to blockchain interoperability and enterprise adoption of Ethereum-based smart contracts and applications. This two-way partnership will deepen the network’s efforts to deliver the benefits of Callisto to enterprises.