The rapid evolution of blockchain technologies has given rise to several dApps platforms, each with its own characteristics and specifications. With each platform having its audience, it is more than typical for a dApp to be deployed among different blockchains or to fully migrate to the more advanced ones. Parameters such as the number of transactions per second, the cost per transaction, and the network’s security are critical factors for wide project adoption and longevity. 

In this direction, given the undeniable advantages of the Callisto Network and the benefits of the implementations to come, we intend to encourage developers to join the Callisto Network ecosystem by offering a limited number of dApps funding opportunities for dApp migration services.

The Callisto Network team provides its experience, tools, funding, and support to the developers who want to migrate to the Callisto Network blockchain.

Why Choose Callisto Network as a Platform?

Callisto Network is a public proof-of-work blockchain protocol based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This makes it fully compatible with Ethereum and any EVM-based chain, such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, or Avalanche. 

In other words, any smart contracts and DAPPs developed for these blockchains can be easily migrated to Callisto Network – without code changes – to benefit from significantly lower transaction fees, higher security standards, and planned upgrades.

Callisto Network Key Advantages

Smart Contract Language and Virtual Machine

Solidity and Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Block Time

~15 seconds.*

Transactions per second

~15 transactions/sec.*

Transactions Fees

Start from 0.0001 USD.

* The block time and the number of transactions per second will be significantly improved with the next Dynamic Monetary Policy – Skuld Hard Fork –  planned in the first quarter of 2023.

Devs Funding Program

Callisto Network and Callisto Enterprise have established a funding opportunity to encourage development initiatives on the Callisto Network blockchain. 

Through the “We Fund You” program, developers can apply for funding that can reach up to 100,000 USD, although projects migrating from certain platforms are potentially eligible, so submit your application now!

Callisto Network Migration Service

The migration service assists developers in migrating Solidity contracts to the Callisto Network. As part of this process, Callisto Network’s security experts will read, understand, audit, and improve every line of code to ensure that the existing smart contract is secure while preserving all original functionalities.

For enhanced security, tokens and NFTs will be upgraded to ERC-223 / CallistoNFT standards during the migration.

What We Deliver After Completing The Migration:

  • • The final source code (public or private).
  • • The audit report.
  • • The deployment of the smart contract.
  • • Documentation of the new smart contract.
  • • Guidance and technical support after deployment.