Callisto Network: a Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency and Smart-Contracts

Callisto Network is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency (CLO) that is based on Ethereum protocol, so any Callisto improvements can be applied to Ethereum Classic. Callisto is NOT a testnet or a hardfork of Ethereum Classic. Callisto Network is developed by Ethereum Commonwealth, one of three ETC development teams.

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Callisto Airdrop

A snapshot of Ethereum Classic blockchain will be made at block 5500000 of ETC network. Each address that had ETC at its balance at the moment of block 5500000 will receive CLO in 1:1 ratio. Callisto mainnet will NOT be launched immediately after the balances snapshot. Callisto Testnet 2.0 will be launched after the snapshot of ETC balances.

It is strongly recommended to withdraw ETC from exchanges for guaranteed CLO receiving. ClassicEtherWallet will support Callisto network as soon as the mainnet will be launched.

Technically, every exchange will receive CLO at the moment of mainnet launch. Make sure that there are two options for exchanges: (1) support Callisto and grant to users or (2) hold it for themselves.

Smart-contract ecosystem security

Callisto will address this problem by introducing an "Official Smart-contract auditing department of Ethereum Commonwealth". Smart-contract auditors will be paid at protocol level (analogue of smart-contract treasury), thus auditing will be completely free for smart-contract developers.

Scalability of ETC & CLO networks

We do not plan to invent our own mechanisms of transactions relaying and sidechain implementations. We are looking forwards at crosschain-relation mechanisms of 3d generation blockchains (such as and AION). It is planned to improve the scalability of ETC & CLO with already-existing mechanics that prove to be effective.

New protocol-level enhancements

ETC community is very conservative. Some of the ETC improvements will come out at CLO network regardless of whether it will be accepted by two other development teams of ETC or not. For example: cold staking protocol and on-chain governance system.

Callisto Client Binaries


We are currently listed on the following exchanges:

Stocks Exchange
BiteBTC Exchange
Simpleswap Exchange
OOOBTC Exchange
Exrate Exchange

We are waiting for exchanges to respond. We have already warned most exchanges (see the list)


Callisto Team

Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level.

Co Founder of Callisto[email protected]
Yohan Graterol
Yohan GraterolCTO
Co Founder of Callisto[email protected]
Carlos Sampol
Carlos SampolDevelopment Team
React Developer[email protected]
Dardan Latifi
Dardan LatifiTeam Member
Storage engineer, Crypto enthousiast, Marketing & Support[email protected]
DarwinoCallisto Indonesia Ambassador
Social Media Callisto Support Community ManagerContact me
MethwTeam Member
QA & Technical Documentation Writer[email protected]
Mario Michel
Nick SawinyhTeam Member
Head of Marketing[email protected]


These wallets support Callisto Network:

Any wallet that allows you to export your account is also compatible with Callisto.

Wallet compatibility does not guarantee that the wallet will support Callisto, but you can always export your account and use it with a wallet that supports Callisto Network.

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