Cross-Chain Bridge

Soy Bridge

Soy Bridge now allows you to transfer assets to and from Binance Smart chain, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, BitTorrent and Callisto Network from a multilingual interface.

To quickly jump to a new blockchain, Soy bridge allows for buying its native coin.

Cross-Chain Bridge

Absolute Bridge

Available on both web and Telegram, Absolute Wallet allows you to move assets between blockchains with no headaches ?

Absolute Bridge is fully mobile-compatible!

Decentralized Exchange

Soy Finance

Launched on the 1st of October 2021, SOY Finance is a decentralized exchange providing trading, yield farming, and blockchain-based financial services on the Callisto Network blockchain.

Read how to set up Metamask for Callisto Network.



A pixel art car collection consisting of a set of 100 NFTs! Race or earn a passive income, several use cases are already available.


VIP Warz

VIPWarz is an online RPG with game mechanics that stimulates the value of cards and an exciting storyline. Very Important Pets, like real celebrities fighting not for food or home.  They are fighting for the hype!


Artefin NFTs Collection

Artefin Art Gallery has selected artworks from some of the most reputable European artists and makes them available as limited edition NFTs.



Discover Alphonse Mucha eMOTION NFT Collection on Callisto Network!

Thanks to the latest technological advances, the art of 19th century artist Alphonse Mucha has an exciting new dimension!


Callosha NFTs

Despite what the name evokes in Russian, this collection is not about boots but a wacky NFT series inspired by the Callisto Network buddy!

Under Development


Gems & Goblins

Gems & Goblins is a Player versus Player (PvP) play and earn strategy game developed by We Make Games.

Are you ready to assemble the most fearsome team of heroes the GameFi space has ever seen?


Cyborg League Arena

Cyborg League Arena is a blockchain based game developed by Acid Blast Game.