Callisto Web Wallet

The official Callisto Network wallet, Callisto Web Wallet, allows you to manage your CLO coins easily and access all the Callisto Network features from an optimized interface.

❄️ To stake CLO from the Callisto Network web wallet, follow the guide!



Initiated by the community in 2019, Absolute is a fun-focused ecosystem with all the benefits of decentralization without fuss.


Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is the official Binance wallet since 2018. It lets you store, send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies by controlling your private keys. Trust Wallet includes an integrated Web3 browser to access DApps and the decentralized Internet safely.

The Android version of the Trust Wallet allows you to Cold Stake CLO directly from your mobile.

❄️ To stake CLO with Trust Wallet, read the guide.



With 12,000,000+ users worldwide, Bitget Wallet supports 90+ mainnets, 100+ Dex, and supports 10,000+ DApps, & DeFi ecosystems access.



MetaMask is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. This is an extension for managing Ethereum and compatible blockchain assets. It allows for storing, sending, and receiving ETH and tokens.

As Callisto Network is Ethereum-compatible, MetaMask also supports transactions with Callisto Network coin (CLO) and tokens.

📋 Set up Metamask for Callisto Network with our guide.


Guarda Wallet

Guarda is a non-custodial multi-currency wallet for web, desktop, Chrome extension, and mobile versions.

Guarda Wallet is the first custody-free crypto wallet supporting multi-signature. It currently supports over 50 major blockchains and more than 400.000 tokens.

❄️ Guarda Wallet natively supports Cold Staking, which makes it a great option for earning passive income with cryptocurrencies.

Hardware Wallets

Ledger Devices

With over 3 million devices sold, Ledger hardware wallets are among the most popular.

❄️ Ledger devices natively supports Cold Staking, we have made a step by step tutorial to guide you through the process.

Hardware Wallets

Trezor Devices

Trezor wallets are among the most trusted and ubiquitous hardware wallets worldwide. They offer security and several features, making them one of the best hardware wallets.