Upcoming Changes to Cold Staking

Cold Staking will end with the switch to Proof of Stake. We do not recommend extending Cold Staking periods beyond August 1, 2024, as rewards cannot be guaranteed after this date.

Maximize your Crypto Investments with Callisto Network

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the quest for reliable and secure passive income methods remains a top priority for many crypto investors.

In response to many complex and often risky strategies, Callisto Network presents a new approach combining simplicity and security: Cold Staking.

Born from the idea of democratizing passive income, Cold Staking offers a straightforward approach that stands out in its elegance.

Users no longer need to master the complexities of the cryptocurrency world or rely on third-party platforms. Instead, they leverage a transparent and audited smart contract, ensuring their assets work for them and remain safe.

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What is Cold Staking?

Staking has become popular for crypto investors to earn rewards by holding and supporting a network. However, not all staking methods are created equal. Enter Cold Staking.

Cold staking is an innovative approach introduced by Callisto Network in 2018. It’s a method that allows Callisto Network coin ($CLO) holders to earn passive income by staking their assets. But what sets it apart is its unique mechanism.

While in staking, coins are used to validate transactions and create new blocks, Cold Staking is about “freezing” coins temporarily. This means that staked coins are not actively used in network operations but are blocked to earn rewards.

The Advantages of Cold Staking

Cold Staking brings a multitude of advantages for crypto investors. Here are the most notable advantages:

  • No Minimal Deposit: Start staking without a minimum deposit threshold, making it accessible for all investors
  • No Technical Hassles: No need to run a node, keep your wallet online 24/7, or possess technical skills.
  • Environmentally Friendly: A sustainable approach to staking without the energy-intensive processes.
  • Flexible Staking Periods: Stake for a minimum of 27 days or extend to maximize rewards.

To read a full description of the Cold Staking protocol, click here.

Why 27 Days?

The choice of a 27-day staking period in Cold Staking might seem arbitrary at first glance, but there’s a strategic rationale behind it. Traders frequently base their decisions on monthly technical charts. These charts, with their peaks, troughs, and patterns, often influence trading strategies and investment decisions.

Setting the staking period to 27 days aligns perfectly with this trading rhythm. Starting their staking at the beginning of the month, traders can regain their stake just before significant trading indicators come into play.

Understanding Rewards: The Multiplier Concept

To incentivize long-term investment, Cold Staking introduces the “multiplier” concept. Here’s a simple example:

  • Stake for 27 days (1 round): Earn a multiplier of 0.45.
  • Stake for 54 days (2 rounds): The multiplier increases to 0.50.
  • Maximum Staking: Up to 12 rounds with a multiplier of 1.0, translating to an APR of approximately 8% as of 2022.

Unparalleled Security with Callisto Network

Your security is our priority. Callisto Network is widely recognized as one of the most secure blockchains, so stakers can rest assured that their coins are safe. The Cold Staking smart contract has undergone rigorous audits by the Callisto Security Department and has been subjected to a “Bug Bounty” program to ensure its robustness.