Secure, Scalable, Cost-Effective, and Environmentally Friendly.

To date, Callisto Network is the most cost-effective platform to make a transaction on the blockchain. With an average transaction fee of 0.001 USD, minting a complete NFT series for less than 1 USD is possible!

Having contributed to the most popular blockchains and crypto projects, we are leveraging our experience to establish Callisto Network as the most advanced and secure proof-of-work blockchain. By taking advantage of PirlGuard technology, Callisto Network is protected against 51% attacks, drastically reducing its energy footprint without compromising its security.

Why Mine Callisto Network?

Ethereum remains the largest smart contract platform, and Callisto Network intends to maintain compatibility. Thus, the Callisto Network algorithm is identical to ETHASH’s and can be mined with the same equipment, making CLO coin mining as simple as switching to a mining pool supporting CLO.

Mining Callisto Network is just a few “clicks” process, with significant advantages in stability and profitability with respect to the other mining algorithms. Given the optimizations performed during the last few years, ETHASH remains the choice of 99.9% GPU miners.

Mining Callisto is open to everyone. With a DAG size higher than 4GB, GPU miners with older equipment can participate in Callisto Network mining. Those who possess new RTX equipment with LHR don’t need to worry, as it has been fully unlocked by the mining software.

The most advanced blockchain security with dedicated standards and 51% attack protection.

Dynamic monetary policy fixing the long-term CLO coin supply to 3 billion.

The lowest transaction fees in the market.

Miners’ Resource Center

CLO Coin Specificities
Block Reward
77,76 CLO
Block Interval
~15 sec
Maximum Supply
6,5 billion CLO to be reduced to 3 billion
POW Algorithm
Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash)
CLO Block Reward Distribution
Miners 38.88 CLO
Cold stakers 31.10 CLO
Treasury Fund 7.77 CLO
Mining Pools
Mining Softwares
Compatible Wallets
Trust Wallet
Absolute Wallet
Profitability Calculators
Network Stats & Explorers
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Callisto Network Mining Tutorial