The Ultimate Solution For Blockchain Transaction Analysis And Auditing

Chain Inspector is a specialized solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform. It offers an end-to-end blockchain auditing solution by leveraging the power of Power Platform Components (Power Apps / Power Automate / Power BI). It’s accessible through MS Office 365, hosted online in the cloud, and requires no special hardware or software.

Highlighting The Key Benefits

Tailored for Individuals & Companies: Reliable, secure, and highly scalable.
Efficient wallet management with a user-friendly interface.
Detailed insights on blockchain transactions and multi-chain operations optimization.
Built on an industry-proven platform with a long-term development roadmap.
State-of-the-art security measures to manage and mitigate risks.
Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify patterns and trends.

Capabilities for Blockchain Developers and Investors

Whether you’re a blockchain developer or a cryptocurrency investor, Chain Inspector offers one unified database allowing you to easily manage your wallets, track transactions, and ensure your funds’ security.


The Transaction Scraper

Chain Inspector introduces the Transaction Scraper, an API-connected integration bridge done via Power Automate. It scrapes various blockchain explorers, providing accurate and real-time transaction data. There’s no need for a complex setup as this feature is fully integrated into the solution.

Data Visualization and Analysis

With Microsoft Power BI technology, visualizing and analyzing your blockchain transaction data in real time becomes effortless. This function helps identify trends and patterns, facilitating smart decisions and strategies. For deeper analysis, you can run Microsoft AI Builder templates on collected data, revealing insights that might otherwise be missed.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Chain Inspector supports several blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Callisto Network, and Ethereum Classic. There’s no limit on the number of wallets you can manage, and other blockchains can be integrated based on demand.


Callisto Network is renowned for its robust security, and Chain Inspector proudly follows in its footsteps. Built on Microsoft’s industry-standard technology, our solution upholds the highest levels of protection, ensuring the security of your data.


Solution Package access for the Chain Inspector solution can be acquired using either the CLOE token native to Callisto Enterprise or USDT. Each subscription triggers a unique value retention mechanism: 25% of the transaction value will be used to buy back and immediately burn CLOE tokens. This process underlines Callisto Enterprise’s commitment to providing more use cases for the CLOE token and effectively reducing its circulating supply, thereby increasing its inherent worth over time.

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