On July 9, 2018, Yohan Graterol, Callisto Network’s co-founder, met the community to discuss the benefits of the smart contract audits, the cold staking feature, and the HitBTC listing.


Hi, I’m Yohan Graterol, co-founder of Callisto. Ask Me Anything

How easy will the Cold Staking be to set up? And Hi xD.

Cold staking will work with smart contracts, so, Classic Ether Wallet will give you the UI needed to set up your cold staking account.

Hello yograterol. How was the reaction about the last smart contract audits?

Happiness. We have an excellent auditors team. We need to promote smart contract audits to increase the requests to our team.

About HitBTC, we have a legal requirement, and we’re incorporating Callisto as a company. It could help to list in other exchanges with a laborious listing process.

Which coin marketing promo company do you like most ( besides $CLO )?

Other coins, do you say? Well, I like ETC, Decred, and EOS.

We’ve been told on the Telegram group that the $CLO listing issue on HiBTC is related to technical aspects, not legal requirements.

That’s true, but the latest requirement of HitBTC is a KYC.
Check it out:


On the development of what kind of coin do you most want to be like?


Will Callisto make security audits for ETH?

Of course.

$CLO will be on Binance?

It will be hard; the listing fee is high. But in our stage, we will work hard to reach it.

How much is the fee?

More of 4x HitBTC fee.

Incorporate Callisto as a company in Colombia, Canada, or the US. We’re talking with lawyers to avoid issues with SEC.

Hello Yohan, it would be possible to carry out the project that tells you, the purchase and sale of $CLO with PayPal and WU worldwide?

Could pass the proposal by Github, to be evaluated. Thank you!

Of course, I’m in Colombia. I could help. I will write to you soon.

What do you think, $CLO price may be more than one dollar?

I can’t predict the Callisto price. We are working to give enough trust to the market.

About cold staking. Where will we need to keep coins? MEW? Will you have official wallets?

CEW is our official wallet, our team maintains it. You will keep your coins in a smart contract (In the blockchain).

Will there be a minimum for cold stacking?

Soon we will announce it, no minimum for now.

Hey. You are already doing the audit EOS, ETC, when you will inform about the first results?

We will make monthly reports. The audit results will be just for the submitter; we could publish results if the patches were applied; it could be a good idea.


Please feel free to ask for an audit process.

How many Security Auditors and Manger are currently working for Callisto?

5 for now, you could check the current team here: https://github.com/EthereumCommonwealth/Proposals/issues/13.

Have you guys ever considered a tiered service for the smart contract audits? What I mean is maybe offering the basic audit as being free, and the option of a more in-depth audit for an additional fee in $CLO?

It could be a good idea. We try to do an in-depth audit. We could do it without requiring $CLO.

Do you still need help except for programmers and auditors? If so, how can the community still support you except to promote Callisto?

We always need help, promoting $CLO in your social networks, writing blog posts, creating meetups about Callisto, etc.

You could open a proposal to help Callisto in https://github.com/EthereumCommonwealth/Proposals/issues.

When the Callisto new Web site will be online? We need a modern Web site.
August 1st, there you could see our advances.

How many smart contracts are being created monthly? I have no idea how many exist nor how big the growth rate is.

I don’t have the stats of it.

So the HitBTC listing is postponed until you will incorporate it as a company? And how many times can it take, incorporating? Your estimate.

I asked them if I could provide other documents; I’m waiting for a response. Meanwhile, we’re incorporating the company

How many days can take making all documents for listing to HITBTC? Days, Weeks, or Months’?

Some weeks for the corporation documents. But if they accept other documents we could fill the requirements before.

Is the cost of the audit fixed or variable? If $CLO is not currently traded on exchanges, how will the customer pay for the audit?

Some exchanges have $CLO like OOOBTC, Stocks Exchange, Exrates. The audit cost will be variable.

Could you explain the team’s marketing efforts, is there a dedicated team for marketing, or does it solely rely on the community itself?

We have a good head of marketing -> @sneg55
We have a plan, right now the social networks, blog, website are managed by @sneg55.

Shortly, we will make ads for Callisto. Our community is growing; the marketing is working, we need to work more.

Thanks to everyone, if you need me, you could send me a message or write me to yograterol@callisto.network.

End of the AMA


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