On December 10, 2018, Yohan Graterol, Callisto Network’s co-founder, answered questions about Ethereum Classic collaboration, the 1st cold staking round, and smart contract audit’s growing rate.


Hello, @yograterol

Yohan, what are the core values of Callisto?

Real-life application of the project. Audit + CS are our core values.

Which are the “rules” with Ethereum Classic developing collaboration?

No rules, we will collaborate on developing ETC tools as far as possible.

Is It change something with them. After the news about et ETCDEV? I mean about your relationships.

No, it’s the same relationships.

Dexaran made an additional statement about this:

“The reason for the post we made is because ETCDEV, Ethereum Commonwealth, and Callisto are all part of the ETC community. One of Callisto project goals is to develop/test/research and propose improvements for ETC. We do exactly what we promised in the early stages. We’re developing new technologies to improve ourselves, which can also be used to improve ETC ecosystem.

After the announcement from ETCDEV that they can no longer work on the development of ETC we announced that we, Callisto, are still working on one of our initial goals. This to ensure the community that our plans to support ETC have not changed.
Although we would like to see it improve in the future, the relationship between the rest of the ETC community and us has also not changed.”

Hi Yohan, any good news?

Coinbene will list us soon.

We have almost ready our business and community roadmap for 2019, in 5 days you will get it.

HitBTC no news :( we’re pushing them to get a final listing date.

Dear Mr. Johan, we, the community, ask you to try to make another exchange that would be convenient for us (ex USSR). Under these criteria fall several exchanges, but one of them stands out is the EXMO exchange. So we ask you to make all the efforts for listing on this exchange. We will give to help another 5% of what we have aimed and donated with the community. If possible, we will support, if you take some of the money out of the fund, we think everyone will treat with understanding. We will be happy if you consider our offer. Thank you.

Callisto Russian speaking Group.

Got it, we have analyzed EXMO. It’s a good option for Russian, we could get a new listing price from them cc @alejomc.

Hello, the Callisto team plans to represent itself at the international cryptocurrency meetings? to go on the forums devoted to cryptocurrencies to show the product and advertising thus?

Yes, with @alejomc we’re looking for important events. We can’t go to every event; we want to choose the meeting with a better ROI for the project.

Are you planning to introduce new, more exchanges?

Yes, we’re evaluating the next steps in the listing. Definitely, we will get more exchanges.

Hello Yohan. Does Callisto have any plan to list in exchange that allows fiat deposits for the unbanked? Can you give me those exchanges, please?

Stex supports it, SistemKoin.

Okcoin for example it making effort in this market. Sistemkoin allows fiat without bank? Thanks.

Got it, we could talk with them, I see low volume, but it’s ok. Wire transfer only.

That’s the problem many people don’t have access to the crypto world. And get access through cheap coins could be useful for adoption.

However, I understood that handling FIAT add law layer, those exchanges would want to accept cash deposit, but they must comply the laws.

I didn’t notice Callisto project mentioned by top YouTubers that discussed crypto-related content. Does the team plan to do interviews with them to represent The project and help to grow the community?

Yes, get more influencers is part of our plan.

How about marketing? And is it needed?

The new roadmap includes Marketing updates for 2019.

Does CLO intend to support the launch of a DAO?

We haven’t received any info about some DAO on CLO. However, the blockchain is open to any development.

Hello, tell me how the reward will be distributed in cold staking of round 2, provided that not all participants of round 1 took away their reward?

Reward from stake fund or which reward?

Yes, rewards from stake round 1.

@admin: The reward pool that contains all the rewards is one big pool.  Whatever is left from round one will be shared out over time. Because people can start cold staking whenever they want Your round 2 may end at a different moment than my round 2. Whenever someone presses “withdraw” or “claim”, that is the moment that persons share from the reward pool is calculated.

Sorry, I’m not techie enough but can’t developers just recruit smart contract auditors? Why does it need to be done on a blockchain?

Yes, developers can recruit us for free or pay a third party. The blockchain is the way to offer security audit without charge to developers a fee for the audit process.

How do you estimate the progress? Do you keep the correct course?

We are on the right way. This year the crypto market hasn’t been the best for us. However, we have worried about caring for the treasury funds to grow up CLO to the next level; we finished +100 smart contracts audited in 8 months; Cold staking works well; we complete almost all roadmap for 2018.

2019 will be the year of CLO business + more things for the community.

I received my CS reward; thank you.

How does CLO benefit from CS? Are we securing the network like PoS?

I’m not complaining – happy to keep earning CLO without mining.

We will keep POW + CS in 2019; ETH will go to POS. Maybe we follow it. Even though we want to keep the mining profitable, we will look for POS + POW + CS. It’s good to research.

Calculator for CS on CLO webpage working correct or need some update?

Cold staking calculator can’t be 100% accurate, because reward depends on many factors which cannot be predicted. It shows only an estimated value.

@yograterol did you recruit an accountant? To regulate the expenses.

Yes, for Callisto Network Foundation OU we’re looking accountant and financial people.

Will there be plans to reduce emissions and rewards?

Early 2019 we will retake it, yes.

Do you have any plans to change the POW algo in the future? Or keep using Ethash?

We will keep using Ethash, may we will add ASIC resistant.

Other then CS, nothing is happening on the Blockchain. What are the plans for the future in terms of blockchain development?

Roadmap, 15th December.

Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions, but how does CLO benefit from free smart contract auditing? What if you can’t meet the demand and have to hire people to help? Where will the money come from? Can his service be sustainable?

No worry, it’s a common question. We will start to charge for additional services related to audits in 2019, to reinvest in the audit department, paying better salaries, hiring more people, make ads.

@yograterol You made many new exchanges, but the advertising of bloggers very little. Do you plan to improve advertising?

We are getting influencers and preparing things for the community to spread CLO.

@yograterol are we waiting for exciting news in the roadmap?


@yograterol @yuriy77k what is your opinion about the actual crypto market? And his future? What is your feeling?

@yograterol Well, no one knows the future; however, my opinion is that the crypto market will grow. 2020 could be a hard year in the world economy, and crypto could help us

@yuriy77k I’m not a professional trader, but I hope for soon crypto market recovering.

Will we get more info on incentives for IPFS nodes in the Dec 16th Roadmap?


@yograterol  What’s the % increase in the no of smart contracts audited per month?


So please tell us about the future partnership and the different things which will make CLO very famous.

I can not talk about it until closing partnerships. But keep watching up close the project, soon you will see changes in advisors and influencers.

Is CLO written in Solidity?

CLO uses Parity and Geth, keeping the EVM (soon eWASM), you could use now Solidity to write smart contracts over CLO.

You could use the same smart contract written for Ethereum on CLO.

I see. Hence why you can audit them on CLO. I assume it’s a similar case for ETC.

We make an audit for any smart contract platform. We set high priority for ETC and CLO smart contracts.

@yograterol What are the use cases that Callisto offers, especially to an individual who just wants added value services and not just speculator price trading.

Auditing is that service and all features of smart contract platform.

By the supply of CLO, you could use CLO as a payment system with a low fee. So, the speculator will keep in the market a bit, for now, we are working on side projects related to CLO to add more real use cases.

Tell me, what kind of people are working in the Callisto team and how much is planned?

Core team 7, planned for the future 15-20.

@yograterol How decentralized is CLO mining? What is the TPS of CLO? Why should DApps leave the Eth platform to CLO and not Tron? I will be glad if you could answer these questions.

Will all smart contracts placed on the Callisto Network allow me after your audit?

You could deploy any smart contract without an audit. However, if you keep safe your funds and application, it’s a must you could audit N smart contract with us.

Thanks to everyone, any question I am always here.

End of AMA


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