A Vote for Blockchain Democracy

In a significant show of faith in blockchain democracy, Dexaran, a renowned developer in the blockchain space, made a whopping $150,000 personal investment in Callisto Network. Here’s why.

Dexaran’s $150,000 Commitment to Callisto Network

Words are one thing, but pouring $150,000 of your personal cash into a single investment is a show of commitment on an entirely different level.

Just recently, that’s precisely what the mononymous developer known as Dexaran did—put $150,000 of his cash into Callisto Network. In doing so, he deepened his ties and his commitment to the European blockchain company launched in 2018 from the Ethereum Classic community, itself a fork of the original Ethereum blockchain.

The question is: What does Dexaran see that makes him so confident in the future of Callisto Network that he’s willing to invest such a significant sum of money in the blockchain’s continued development?

Callisto Network offers any number of reasons to put cash to work in the small and rapidly growing blockchain. There’s SOY Finance, Callisto’s DeFi protocol so safe and secure it has never suffered a hack or breach of any kind.

There’s on-chain auditing with the Callisto Network’s renowned Security Department. There’s the emerging AI technology that Callisto will soon be integrating into the blockchain. And there’s the CallistoNFT Hub. 

For Dexaran, however, the real driver behind his substantial investment is “governance.”

This idea of a self-sustaining, self-governed, and self-funded blockchain was part of Callisto Network’s original incarnation. The Callisto Network team is now structuring an original DAO to become a system of governance for the network. In doing so, Callisto is creating an entirely open and transparent process for contributing to and gaining voting rights inside the DAO that, in turn, determines the blockchain’s direction.

Invest your money, claim your voting rates based on the percentage of the DAO you control, and vote on the proposals that you think make the most sense for improving or strengthening the network. Majority rules. 

Democracy at its Purest Level.

As Dexaran says, “Governance is the main unsolved problem of humanity to date. How do you choose a person who has the right to say something that others must obey? This is an ongoing problem.

By that, he means that average citizens have no say in the systems that steer government or a nation’s fiscal and monetary policies, which impact them directly. Yes, citizens can vote. But what good is that vote—or even a vast block of votes—if archaic rules or financial interests still subvert the people’s will and ultimately negate their voice?

What good is the people’s will when they have limited or no say in policies that directly impact their lives, like raising or lowering interest rates or raising or refusing to raise the debt ceiling, which recently threatened the U.S. economy?

Citizens cannot propose, directly or indirectly, potential solutions to issues of government. Instead, government acts on its own accord, or, as Dexaran says, “ The people in charge are often not the ones most affected by the decisions they make. Callisto Network attempts to rebalance the system.

How the system distributes resources and how agreements and disagreements within the system are addressed and solved “is important,” Dexaran says. A transparent, on-chain governance architecture like Callisto Network is building is the first step toward achieving that ideal.

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