How to buy CLO without KYC in 3 Quick steps!


BitFinex Verification Requirements 

Users don’t have to submit any documents in order to trade cryptocurrency on Bitfinex. 

When creating an account, users simply need to provide and confirm their email address. KYC (Know Your Customer) identification documents  (passport, driver’s license, etc.) are only required for depositing or withdrawing fiat currencies. It is required to enable two-factor authentication (U2f or Google Authenticator) to use Bitfinex.

As mentioned above, without KYC verification, you can only deposit cryptocurrency. BitFinex currently accepts over 80 assets including BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, ZEC, XMR, DASH, IOTA, etc.



Step 1 – Create a Bitfinex Account 

(If you already have a Bitfinex account go to Step 2).

Navigate to and click the ‘SIGN UP‘ link located on the top right of the page.

Click the ‘Continue‘ button after reading and agreeing to the terms.


Enter your username, email, password, select your time zone and click the’ Open Account‘ button after completing the captcha and agreeing to the terms.

Within a few minutes, you should receive a confirmation email from Bitfinex’s team.

Click the’ Confirm Email Address‘ link on that email to finish creating your account. 

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Bitfinex account.



Step 2 – Fund your Bitfinex Account

This example shows how to deposit Bitcoin (BTC) on Bitfinex.

Log in to your Bitfinex account and click to the “Wallet” tab on the top right and then click on ‘Deposit’.


Select the digital currency to deposit and agree to the fee terms. BTC will be chosen in our example.


You should select your wallet according to your account type (exchange/margin/funding). In this example, the exchange wallet is chosen. 

Generate the deposit address by clicking ‘Click to generate address’ (1). 

Then, click ‘Copy to Clipboard’ (2) and paste this address into your wallet from which you will transfer your coins (Bitcoins in our exemple). 

The coins will be deposited to your account within 30 minutes or more depending on the network delays.



Currently CLO/USD is the only trading pair for CLO on BitFinex. To buy CLO without KYC we must first trade our deposited crypto for USD. You will find all USD pairs provided by BitFinex by selecting USD under the trading section.


Now that we received the BTC, we must sell them for USD. 


Now it is time to buy our CLO coins, to do so select the CLO pair (1), the price at which you would like to buy (2) and the desired number of coins (3), then submit your buy order.



This guide was written by Gary J, an active member of the Callisto community.



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