Callisto Network Insider #15 – May 2023

Welcome to your June issue of Callisto Monthly, a look at what has been happening recently inside Callisto Network.

First up…


A New Road to Tomorrow

Callisto Network released its revised and updated roadmap for 2023 and 2024.

The goal: to build a stronger, smarter, scalable future for Callisto Network.

To accomplish that, we’re addressing 11 specific areas in the new roadmap, which you can see here. Keys among them are strengthening the foundation of Callisto Network by moving to a proof-of-stake model and unveiling a new Dynamic Monetary Policy.

The shift to proof-of-stake will then allow Callisto to align with Ethereum’s recent upgrade to the PoS model and will allow Callisto to implement a new burning mechanism.

We will also be launching exciting new technology, including Z-Consensus, which promises to boost the transaction speed of Callisto Network dramatically.

Basically, 2023 and 2024 will see Callisto Network make big strides forward as we build out our blockchain and enhance and deepen our capabilities.

And if you want to know more about the move to PoS and how that benefits our network, Callisto hosted an AMA in early May in which Dexaran, Tonton, and Dr. Zs explained it all. You can read it here.

Next up…


A Peek Behind the Curtain

Callisto Network Progress Tracker

For the first time in its history, Callisto is pulling back the curtain and giving community members the ability to see internal operations as they’re unfolding. In short: We’re giving you access to our weekly progress updates as tracked on Trello.

Each project currently underway is listed, and you can click on each for a deeper dive into where we are at the moment with that specific project.

So, for instance, click on the Immortal Lottery box, and you’ll find a description of the project, as well as developmental milestones and other useful information allowing Callistonians to keep up with everything the team is working on and where we are in development.

It’s just another way we’re bringing transparency and accountability to the community.

Moving on to…


The Latest CallisTalks

CallisTalks #11 - Securing DeFi Pioneering Built-in Decentralized Insurance

Keeping with the transparency theme, we’ve published Callis Talks 9, 10, and 11 – videos that dive into the heart of matters to crypto in general and Callisto specifically.

These are yet another path by which we are actively bringing the Callisto community more deeply into the project.

In CallisTalks 9, we discuss why people are turning to blockchain technology—everything from the rapidly increasing demand for privacy as governments seek to erase privacy through Central Bank Digital Currencies to the exploding number of investment opportunities emerging every day.

CallisTalks 10 maps the journey from Web 1.0 to the rapidly emerging Web 3.0 and the defining role that blockchain is playing as this new, immersive version of the internet now takes hold.

CallisTalks 11, meanwhile, takes you into Callisto Risk Assessment Engine and the critical role it plays in SOY Finance’s Built-in Insurance Mechanism, something unique to the crypto world.

Next, we move to…


Feel the Burn

In our ongoing effort to find ways of enhancing the value of Callisto’s in-house $CLO token, the team has decided to directly link the value of $CLO with Callisto Network Security Department’s activities.

To accomplish that, we are raising the price of a Callisto Security audit by 20%, and then we are taking that entire increase and buying back $CLO that we will then burn. In doing so, we will be permanently reducing the supply of $CLO.

The way we see it, this strategic initiative directly correlates with the success of our audit services and the value of the Callisto Network ecosystem. As the value of the ecosystem rises—and as the number of $CLO coins increasingly shrinks—the value of $CLO should rise to reflect a more valuable network.

And speaking of audits…

The Callisto Network Security Department recently completed Dogecoin and TraderDAO security audits.

More are on the way.

Now, let’s move on to…

SOY Finance News

Soy Finance is Listed on GeckoTerminal

First up, SOY meets Gecko.

After working for more than a year to gain a listing on the GeckoTerminal by CoinGecko, SOY has finally succeeded in that goal. We’re now listed.

GeckoTerminal is a one-stop tracking tool for more than 1.2 million different tokens, about 469 DEXs, and SOY’s inclusion not only provides us a visibility boost, it cements SOY’s place in the world of crypto and DeFi. You can find SOY on GeckoTerminal here.

And speaking of DeFi … SOY Finance, as you likely know, is on a mission to make DeFi a safer space for the millions of users who want assurances that their crypto deposits are protected.

To the end, SOY is revolutionizing DeFI with our built-in insurance program that works much like bank deposit insurance. The insurance is tied to the Callisto Risk Assessment Engine run by Callisto Security. Based on the results of the risk assessment, the engine determines the required premiums for those who wish to insure their deposited funds. In case of a verified, covered event, the insurance treasury pays out.

You can read more about this pioneering decentralized insurance product on CoinMarketCal, which recently posted a story about this revolutionary approach to DeFi protection.

SOY Finance has also listed one of the most popular meme tokens ever created: DogeCoin. The dogfather of meme tokens is now Safelisted on SOY and trades as the $SOY – $DOGE pair.

One final SOY note: Changes to the SOY Lottery.

The minimum bet is now just 10 SOY, which we think makes the lottery more accessible to more people. Additionally, lottery draws will now occur weekly.

And remember that every time you play the SOY Lottery, you are helping increase the value of SOY tokens since we burn 10% of all tokens that are spent on each wager.

With that, we wrap up our look back at all the ways Callisto Network moved the project forward in May. So much more is on the way.

But until next time, have a great start to your summer.

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