Callisto Network and Minted Vodka are partnering to bring new excitement to digital art and artists. By leveraging Minted Vodka technology and the power of the Callisto Network blockchain, you can now run your NFT series for less than 1 USD!

Why Mint your NFTs on Callisto Network?

Callisto Network is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract ecosystem based on a proof-of-work blockchain. Powered by its native cryptocurrency, CLO, Callisto Network is fast, safe, protected against 51% attacks and allows for the lowest cost transactions in the blockchain industry.

Note: A total of 2 transactions were made to create the NFT series that are shown in this guide. The total cost was $0.000047.

Transaction #1: “Creation of the collection” for a cost of 0.000028 USD

Transaction #2: “Minting of the NFTs” for a cost of 0.000019 USD.

About Minted Vodka

Minted Vodka is a multi-chain NFT marketplace, constituting the core of the GAT Network’s NFT toolbox. Gat Network has already gained recognition as a Binance Labs incubator project and by winning the first prize of the Callisto Network’s We Fund You! program.

Key Features:

  • Non-escrow
  • On-demand Minting
  • Minting of an NFT Series with 1 USD (via Callisto Network)
  • Multichain Minting
  • Multichain NFT Wallet
  • NFT bridging/wrapping

With Minted Vodka, you can mint anything, anytime from anywhere!

Note: The final version of Minted Vodka is expected to feature the CallistoNFT standard for greater capabilities and security.


Before you begin, you will need to set up Metamask for Callisto Network and get some Callisto Network coins to cover the gas fees. We have prepared tutorials to guide you through this process:

Mint Your NFTs on Callisto Network

1- Navigate to Minted Vodka and click on “Create new collection.”

2- Select your wallet and sign the login message. (1)

  • Select Callisto Network as the chain. (2)
  • Click on “Digital Art”. (3)
  • Confirm with “Finish creating your collection’. (4)

3- Enter your collection’s logo, name, and description, and then click “Submit”. (1)

  • Select “Publish collection to IPFS” (2)
  • Then “Mint collection”. (3)

Congratulations, now that you have created your first collection, which is an NFT in itself! Let’s create your first NFT of the collection!

4- To create the first NFT of your collection, click on “Mint new item”.



5- Enter the name and description of the item (the NFT itself) and then click “Submit”. (1)

  • Select “Publish collection to IPFS”. (2)
  • Enter the amount of NFT you want to mint, press apply, then “create new item”. (3)



Well done, your NFT collection is ready! If you wish to sell your NFTs, simply click on the “Add to deal” button.



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