Callistonians Return: Season 2

Blockchain Festivity

Greetings, Callistonians!

We are very excited to announce that Santa Clo is collaborating once again with Krudo, the celebrated Peruvian street artist, to bring a special crypto Christmas to the Callisto Network community this holiday season

This year, Krudo has designed three new NFTs, each capturing the spirit of innovation and rebellion that defines our network. A wonderful Christmas surprise awaits the owners of the 253 Callistonian NFTs!

We’re excited to offer our loyal Callistonian NFT holders an exclusive chance!

Own a Callistonian? Receive a New NFT!

To express our gratitude for the continued support of the Callisto Network community, the proud owner of a Callistonian NFT will qualify to receive a new NFT of the same class.

• Common NFT Owners will be gifted a new Common Callistonian NFT.

• Rare NFT Owners will receive a Rare Callistonian NFT.

• Super Rare NFT Owners will have the honor of obtaining a Super Rare Callistonian NFT.

Timeline & Minting Process

1️⃣ A Snapshot of the Callistonians and their owners will be taken on December 20, 2023 at noon (12:00 UTC).

2️⃣ Owners of Callistonians NFTs can claim their Christmas gift between December 24, 2023, and January 7, 2024, on the minting page!

Mint your Callistonian here starting from December 24!

The Art and Technology

We’re delighted to collaborate again with Krudo. His unique style – a mix of mystery, boldness, and humor – perfectly shows what Callisto Network is about. The Callistonians NFT series is, of course, visually unique, but it also showcases the technology of the CallistoNFT standard. This collection features advanced capabilities like built-in trades, monetization, and a communication model.

Learn more about the CallistoNFT standard here.

Join the Journey

Proudly hold your Callistonians and prepare to add these new masterpieces to your collection!

Don’t have a Callistonian NFT yet? You can still join the fun. Buy one on ColdFi Tech!

Get Your Callistonian NFT on Cold Fi!

🎉 Special Contest: Win a Callistonian NFT!

We’re bringing even more excitement with a special contest!

Three lucky community members will win a Callistonian NFT from the first season, granting them access to the new Christmas NFT series. These 3 NFTs have been specially purchased from the market just for this contest!

🌟 Contest Highlights

🥇 1st Prize: 1 Rare NFT + 1 Freemint for a Rare NFT

🥈 2nd Prize: 1 Common NFT + 1 Freemint for a Common NFT

🥉 3rd Prize: 1 Common NFT + 1 Freemint for a Common NFT

These prizes enrich your collection and make you eligible for the freemint of this year!

🚀 Here’s How to Enter

Participating is easy; perform the quests on our Zealy board and qualify among the Top 3!

📅 Contest Ends

The contest ends on December 20, 2023, at 9:00 AM UTC. Winners will be announced and awarded before the snapshot, so stay tuned!

Good Luck!

About Callisto Network

Callisto Network conducted over 330 smart contract audits across platforms like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and EOS. In addition to our audits, we’ve developed the ERC 223 token standard and CallistoNFT standard, enhancements over existing standards that address flaws and offer new capabilities, further establishing us as industry leaders in crypto-security.


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