On October 27, 2023, the Callisto Enterprise team, including Laurent Riche (Tonton), Vladimir Vencalek, and Dr. Zs, engaged with the Callisto Network community in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session.

The discussion covered various aspects of the project, its recent changes, and its vision for the future.

Below, we present a recap summarizing the key points from the session.

AMA Key Highlights

  • Changes and Improvements: The team discussed the recent developments and addressed questions about unfinished elements in the Soy.Finance user interface.
  • Project Status: Community members expressed concerns about team changes. The team emphasized the importance of a long-term perspective and highlighted the progress made.
  • DAO Implementation: Callisto Network is moving forward with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to drive decentralization, project funding, and collaboration.
  • Community Engagement and Growth: The team discussed community engagement and plans for marketing and growth, including the Call To Impact Campaign and Decentralized Marketing.
  • Future Plans: Callisto Network’s vision includes becoming a top 100 coin, achieving the highest level of security, and maintaining a decentralized and deflationary model.

With the key points in mind, let’s jump into the full recap to get a better understanding of the discussions and ideas shared during this engaging session!

AMA Full Recap

– Admin: Welcome to the Callisto Enterprise AMA!

We have seen many recent changes and to help explain to our community, I am pleased to introduce the Callisto Enterprise team!!

Please be respectful, give our guest the time to respond, also do not repeat questions. Thank you 🙏

🚀 As a bonus, we have a 50000 prize pool in $CLO for the best questions and most active participants!

Callistonians, the AMA with Callisto Enterprise STARTS NOW!

– @Vladimir: Hello Guys and Girls

– @Tonton Benz: What’s up Callistonians?

– @Dr_ZS: Hello!

– Admin: Welcome @zvse3 @cReepass @TontonBenz

Q1: Hello, there are many unfinished elements and errors in the UI on Soy.Finance. I wanted to ask if the development team is aware of them and if they are working on fixing them?

– @VladimirVladimir : Soy Finance is working on the structure of how to move forward and will soon announce the news.

Q2: Suddenly changed of CEO, CTO without warning, Soy is dead, none of the planned project on Callisto blockchain is finished… has the project future? any reason not trust the project? I know, there is (was) bear market, but I’m really sceptic because of poor development last year…

– @Tonton Benz:  It is normal to be skeptical, but you should look at the bigger picture; before Callisto Enterprise, none of the “unfinished projects'” existed. We want to develop good platforms, and it takes time.

And it is not true that nothing is working; the bridge, for example, is probably the most secure and user-friendly in the crypto space.

As for Soy specifically, we indeed decided to pause the development for a few months, but SOY is far from dead; we developed and released a custom UI a few months ago.

– @Dr_ZS: Let me also add something about SOY Finance. All of us understand that it is in the right direction! UI has changed, and I believe that has been significantly improved with a more polished UI. Monetary policy has changed to a significantly less inflationary model, and there is the place for new mechanisms to be introduced for which we have been waiting a lot of time. For me insurance is something unique.

– @Vladimir: Soy is not dead and has the budget to continue working on development.

Admin: I received several questions about the recent changes in the team and the blueprint, could you please comment these points guys?

– @Vladimir: The team changes based on who is best in what role, CEO change to Tonton was voted in by the whole team.

– @Tonton Benz: The blueprint is the vision of Callisto Enterprise for Callisto Network; the main idea is to position Callisto Network as the most decentralized and open blockchain platform.

I would recommend everyone to read it.

👉 https://t.me/CallistoNetNews/1929

Q3: Hello Sir, how are you doing. Any updates on infrastructure

– @Vladimir: We completed HF, and the infrastructure is running well.

Q4: I would like to know why we changed CTO, is it necessary?

– @Vladimir: The CTO change was due to Yuriy doing the job for some time, and we just changed his position. He was already working in this direction, and as he was Security Director, I do believe it’s a good change.

– @Tonton Benz: Regarding changes in the team, well, this is a normal process in every company/project.

You can see that currently, many crypto companies are restructuring.

Q5: And what about the incorrect prices on Callisto HUB beta, please? I like how you do things, but these minor issues make it seem less credible, and it’s a pity.

– @Tonton Benz: You are right; I will discuss with the team about CLOHUB.  Honestly, I don’t even know why the development has been approved; we simply don’t need it.

I personally believe that having a CallistoNFT hub, multichain allowing to mint CLONFTs, would be more interesting.

– @Vladimir: I want to say some amazing news, that is happening right now. And it is the relaunch of THE ORIGINAL DAO on Callisto Network. We will be pushing out multiple versions of DAO projects specifically for Callisto Network, Soy Finance and many more!

I have seen the code, and it is BEAUTIFUL!


– Wow, DAO is back after the Hack. This is wonderful news callistonians!

– Great to read, something that many old crypto investors know about and could make some noise if promoted right.

– @Vladimir: We were really investigating the main areas we want to focus on in Callisto Network, and we identified the following:

1. We need more decentralization if we want more projects and teams.

2. We need more projects.

3. We need a way to fund them effectively.

All these areas are being solved by the DAOs and implementation created by the CLOE team (including Dexaran…)

Q6: Hello! My question: I still need clarification with Callisto Enterprise Token (CLOE). What are the benefits of hodling them? Is there a practical use for the coin?

– @Vladimir: CLOE token is being more focused on in projects that will be deployed soon.

Can you be more specific if its okay? :D

– @Vladimir: Yes, we want to implement it in one DAO project that will reward the CLOE owners and also enable them to vote on features budget, etc.

Q7: Two teams? CLO and CLOE?

– @Vladimir:  There are, in fact, more than 2 teams, and we are working on the structure of how to move forward.

Q8: How Callisto will do to have aggressive marketing with burns and development.

– @Dr_ZS: We are burning right now, both SOY and CLO! With the bull market, the transaction number will further increase, resulting in a significantly higher burning rate! Do you understand what does this really mean and how aggresive it is?

Q9: Cool, Is there bugbounty or beta testnet testing?

– @Vladimir: This is tackled with DAO, not ONLY THAT you would be able to become a supplier to the DAO for providing ideas or resources like programmers. Everyone would be able to connect and be part of the projects!

Q10: What role does community engagement and feedback play in identifying and addressing technical challenges within Callisto Enterprise?

– @Vladimir: We are in constant process of evolving the more community is engaged the better.

Q11: Is it possible that the team is thinking of approaching football teams to allow their fans to buy tickets with CLO, like what are the team’s marketing ideas?

– @Vladimir:@TontonBenz is working on decentralized marketing ideas.

– @Tonton Benz: Yes Decentralized marketing is coming soon!

Comment: Looking forward to it 😃

– @Tonton Benz: Hahaha ok. Who better than the cryptocommunity can talk to the cryptocommunity? And the best person to promote Callisto is certainly ….a Callistonian.

Recently we launched the Call To Impact Campaign, the concept is to reward the Callistonians for writing engaging articles, and guess what?

It a success everyday we have new followers, I think we are close to 190 now were we had about 50 before the launch of this campaign, and this is organic growth… Here is a screen shot:

You can see the impact of the callistonians, 3500 views in one month and up to 500 views per day!

But you can also see that posting regularly is important so we want to set up a struture where the community can be fully involved in the marketing process.

Comment: Yeah, once bull run starts we need to start pushing the project to world.

– @Tonton Benz: Exactly and now that Callisto Enterprise has finished its restructuration we are all set!

Q12: Good afternoon, can you tell me if it is planned to resume work on tokenization of transport infrastructure in Europe? Are there any prospects for implementing clo in social projects?

– @Vladimir: There is no plan now to be active in transportation.

Q13: What is the situation with eig, after Michal Broda left, no news at all.

– @Vladimir: There is some work going on with him and the other team working on clo from the Absolute Wallet.

Q14: How will Callisto Network navigate the evolving regulatory landscape while maintaining its commitment to being the most decentralized platform, especially in regions with strict blockchain regulations?

– @Vladimir: This is not that complicated for Callisto Network but rather for Soy and other projects running on it.

Q15: Are there any plans for the coming years? In what areas of activity will there be development? What do you see the prospects for clo specifically?

– @Dr_ZS: I will answer you how I see the situation. we want to create the most secure blockchain, and for this reason, we develop tools to support this. One such tool is the Auditing of smart contracts enabled by AI. As you understand, it can significantly enhance the auditing process. But this is the first step. What we want to do is to create a ” decentralized antivirus” of smart contracts. This would be the tool needed to safely interact with smart contracts in a similar way it is used in computers ; – )

Q16: Comment: In my opinion, a very cool idea and quite painstaking work, I am glad that I have been familiar with your wonderful project for years, I wish you success and that all your plans come true 🤝

– @Dr_ZS: Think of Callisto right now as a Puzzle in which the pieces come into place!

Q17: What is lacking in Callisto in your opinion?

– @Dr_ZS: I cant say that something is lacking! What I see is improvements that we can do so as to be a unique project and take our place where we deserve to be.

Q18: Is there any plans to follow the cryprto gaming path as a platform and infrastructure for that purpose?

– @Tonton Benz: I’m not sure I understand the question, but we have a partnership with EIG, even if I would say that it is on standby now… We should not forget that this is a collaboration that we started during the bear market. However, they are working with large institutions like the VFL Wolfsburg; big companies are not reputed to move super fast, so…

Q19: Are you going to hire a marketing specialist?

– @Tonton Benz:  I think we have competent people on the team. We currently have Jeff and Gerhard, who are directly involved in the marketing by their position, and we have Dii, who is involved in the marketing activity.

Have you watched the last animation produced by Callisto Enterprise?

Btw, to all “bad marketing” guys, have you seen the video we produced for the EIG partnership?

Q20: Hello, I have question: As you can see clo in 2-3 years: I mean the vision, the price – the idea of what we are striving for. Thank you

– @Vladimir: We do believe we should be in the top 100 coins for sure.

– @Dr_ZS: The most secure and decentralized blockchain, of course. This will attract new users with time and, of course, more applications. With the designed monetary policy, the goal is to reward long-term investors by burning coins.

Q21: What difficulties and strategies does Callisto Network have for achieving widespread adoption and integration with other ecosystems?

– @Vladimir: Mainly I do believe we were too centralized to enable more teams to enter, but its being solved by the DAOs.

– @Dr_ZS: And of course scalability in new resources. Right now, the number of people working on CLO can be infinite with the new model.

Q22: Do you plan any partnerships with other projects?

– @Tonton Benz: We are working on making Callisto Network ‘hyper decentralized ‘, so yes, definitely!  I think that what we accomplished during the last months and the next moves will allow us to position Callisto Network strongly.

Please check the blueprint if you haven’t: https://callisto.network/blueprint/

 Q23: Is there any big investor interested ot invest in CallistoNetwork?

– @Tonton Benz: Yes we are discussing with big investors, but all the investors are important 👍

Q24: Docteur ZS: Why do you think that your IA will be better than other companies?

– @Dr_ZS: Yes because other companies follow a centralized approach. Imagine a DC that runs an algorithm. We follow a completely versatile approach, and I see many advantages here. Right now, we are in step 1, so give us some time, and you will see the new market we want to create

Q25: What is dexaran doing in CLO now?

– @Vladimir: Working on erc223 and Daos and much more.

Q26: POS is Scheduled in 7 to 8 months now. What users should do to help project.

– @Dr_ZS: Callisto is a decentralized blockchain. We are not the ones who decide ! Everyone can contribute. Recently we made CLO IPs in github. Please comment there and provide ideas. Everything is taken into consideration. We want to create a blockchain for everyone where everyone can be a contributor.

– @Tonton Benz: You know there is a simple thing to do: tweet every single day:

#CallistoNetwork migration to #POS, finally a truly #Decentralized #ProofOfStake Blockchain!

Everyone has a Twitter account. ;)

Q27: Team planning to launch any meme coin or a social fi project like friends tech

– @Dr_ZS:Yes but we dont want to create a meme token without value simply for having one. We want to have something unique. In the right time will come into its place also this with the enlargement of the community.

Q28: But those sh*** tokens are sky rocketing. Maybe we can try it with some use case.

– @Dr_ZS: I never believed in shitcoins. You see we are in a market where centralized tokens controlled by some people as the one you describe sky rocket. But is this what we want? Or we want to create something with a real utility. I am in favor as a researcher and investor for the second one.

Q29: Can you explain the trade-offs between decentralization and scalability in blockchain networks, and how does Callisto Network address these trade-offs?

– @Dr_ZS: The most centralized a network the higher the scalability. If Google cloud was in the game I guess you understand it could have a high scalability. But is this secure??? See what happended to Belgium a month ago:


Q30: What will follow after the end of Cold staking? Will it be possible to stake CLO on Soy.Finance?

– @Dr_ZS: POS also includes staking ! And the rewards will be higher!

Q31: The other day price pumped on Gate but arbitrage with bitfinex stopped it. How do you explain the difference in price between bitfinex and gate ?

– @Tonton Benz: It is visible that the market on Gate.io is more dynamic than Bitfinex. Bitfinex is (was?) reputed for its big whales who are mainly trading coins with huge volume and liquidity so this could be the reason.

Q32: This something related to traders.

– @Tonton Benz: Yes, and for those who like technical analysis and trading stuff there is a cool Telegram group by the members of the Callisto Network community, but you can discuss any coins there :)


Q33: There are countless decentralized launch platforms in the blockchain space, what are the unique features that will attract users to your platform? Are you really decentralized?

– @Dr_ZS: We create the tools to be decentralized and we do it in a fair and transaprent way. Then its up to you. The more users the higher the decentralization will be. As you understand it can only increase.

Q34: There is also an idea that might be useful to you, it’s like using artificial intelligence to create a program in which a user, without understanding programming, will be able to create a smart contract according to its parameters, I think it could bring good profits in the future.

– @Dr_ZS: I agree with you. This is the target of platforms like chatgpt also.

Q35: What will follow after the end of Cold staking? Will it be possible to stake CLO on Soy.Finance? Because I would like to buy more, but I’m not eager to put a large amount into farms when they are not yet protected from loss in traditional LP tokens.

– @Tonton Benz: After POS migration Cold Staking will end mate, so now is the last opportunity to benefit from an innovative technology launched in 2018 and that was NEVER hacked…

By the way I know that Yuriy has made the changes in the API and the Burning page, so…

Soon you guys will have the amount of burned coins visible there:


Q36: Once it ends, are there any plans to rebuild in the future if there is a lot of demand?

– @Dr_ZS: Yes but towards increasing the security of the network. So we could think of a new CS version!

Q37: What is the revenue model? How it can be beneficial for both investors and for project itself?

– @Dr_ZS: Incentive models for users participation and burning mechanisms for deflation.

Q38: May we know the Specifics of the DAO you are sharing with us? What is it for?

– @Dr_ZS: Be patient ! It will be revealed in detail in a few days.

– @Tonton Benz: The specifics of the DAO are currently under discussion, and we are nearing completion.

This is an important topic, and it is crucial to allocate sufficient time to it.

Q39: For now, is there a problem?

– @Tonton Benz: No problem mate, we just spend the time on something important for the next phase of the project.

Q40: A common problem is that nowadays most investors are only interested in initial profits and ignore long-term benefits! So can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold your tokens in the long term?

– @Dr_ZS: If CLO was centralized and wanted to have short term profit the price change would be different, no? Isnt this also a proof that it is decentralized???

Q41: Yeah it’s possible but it’s now on trending

– @Dr_ZS: CLO for me is like the Village Gaulois in Asterix and Ovelix! We have the power and the knowledge to conquer the world!

Q42: Is there any information about what conditions will be needed to become a pos participant? Where can I get acquainted ?

– @Tonton Benz: So your question is what should I do / have to be a validator on Callisto Network after the POS migration?

You need to:

1- Hold 200k CLO
2- Setup a node.

We want CLO POS to be accessible to all.

Q43: Hackers are very active in the market and almost everyday we hear about another hack attack. Can you please give some information about the security system of your project? How safe are the funds of investors? Do you already have an audit?

– @Dr_ZS: OFC ! And the most important not only our project but every project we have audited! Auditing department does a great job there for every crypto user !

– Admin: Community, we are coming up to the 5 minute warning for end of AMA. Please get you questions in and be assured all will be answered before the AMA completes

Q44: Will a simple Raspberry Pi be able to use to run Node?

– @Tonton Benz: Technical details will be shared in due time mate.

Q45: How SOY price will increase ?

– @Dr_ZS: We discussed it earlier. In short, new use cases, more transactions, higher burning rate. This will re-inforce the demand for higher increase.

Q46: You had mentioned that ETH and BNB are centralized, while you’ve positioned CLO as decentralized in your blueprint. How can we be confident that CLO won’t take a similar centralized path?

– @Vladimir: You will understand in 1-2 weeks how we are starting to implement the blueprint. The first DAO should be ready in 1-2 weeks. This will be internal CLOE DAO, and then we will focus on CLO DAO and SOY DAO.

– @Tonton Benz: Vitalik itsef is concerned by Ethereum centralization:


As for Binance the situation is well known. Everything is explained in the Blueprint I guess mate.


Oh … this is a great way to conclude this AMA, watch the video and push the volume to the MAX!

– @Dr_ZS: Thank you Callisto TG Community!

– @Tonton Benz: Thanks a lot for your time and your questions guys!

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