Joint statement of Callisto and Invictus Teams.


Based on the feedback from our AMA session on 02.12.20, we have worked out a couple of valid points raised during the session:


  • Callisto Enterprise is not a new Coin; however, we expect some tokens running on Callisto Network may be created to increase the traffic and utilization of the infrastructure. A first token will be a stable coin for potential retail users, who cannot interact with volatile currencies.


  • We count on implementing „Masternodes“ for faster confirmation times in the future, but we will still have POW confirmations backing them for security reasons.


  •  We expect to use current cold stacking for a specific use – Liquidity.


This means that we are proposing changes to the current cold stacking period and rewards. Rewards will be increased, and customers will pay them.

There will be two different loans:


  • For “liquidity bridge”: When a user sends funds to a bank, it takes up to two days to receive the funds, but the customer wants to pay immediately.


  • For micro loan.


We propose to change the cold stacking period from 28 days to a custom period. The longer you lock the funds, the higher the interest will be.

Owners of Callisto coins will have many benefits:


    1. A percentage of the transaction fee will be allocated to the cold stacking reward. (As the fees come from the stable coins transactions, it implies buying Callisto on the market.)
    2. Will be able to run Masternodes.
    3. Will be able to enter into private rounds. (We expect some projects to have private rounds where main currency will be Callisto and you will only be able to enter via Callisto coins.)
    4. Further benefits will be presented later, once the documentation is complete and a full agreement is reached between the teams.




We would like to point out that this is only one of the several use cases we are currently developing and implementing.



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