What is AbsoluteWallet?

AbsoluteWallet is a Telegram Messenger integrated crypto wallet that allows users to send and receive coins simply by replying to messages posted within a group. Compatible with the most popular cryptocurrencies. Users can perform operations such as balance check, deposit, withdrawal, and even earn a passive income through a multilingual interface.

Moreover, AbsoluteWallet features community rewards based on engagement on social networks such as Twitter, where users can receive coins only by liking and retweeting tweets.

In short, Absolute wallet allows you to support Callisto Network and be rewarded by doing so!



Setting AbsoluteWallet to Earn Crypto


Step 1 – Register with Absolute Wallet.

1.a. Start a private chat with AbsoluteWallet.


1.b. Tap “Start” on the welcome screen.


1.c. Then press “Register”.


1.d. You are registered with AbsoluteWallet!


Step 2 – Link your Twitter account to AbsoluteWallet.

Crypto bot guide 04

2.a. Tap “Settings”.


2.b. Select “Twitter Name”.


2.c. Enter your Twitter username including the ” @ “.


3.c. Your twitter account is now linked with AbsoluteWallet!


3. Join Callisto’s community and support.

Now all you have to do is to follow Callisto Network on social media and to like and retweet our next tweets ?.

1. Callisto Network Official Telegram Chat.

2. Callisto Network Official Twitter Account.

? Note: We define a specific “likes and retweets” target for each contest. The coins are distributed once these targets have been reached.



AbsoluteWallet official page.


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