Enduracoin Token Security Audit Report

Are Your Funds Safe?

Our expert team at Callisto Network has conducted an in-depth security audit of the Enduracoin Token smart contract. This audit aims to ensure the security of your funds by identifying and assessing any potential vulnerabilities. Here, we present our findings:

Total Finding(s)
0 - Hight severity issue(s)
0 - Medium severity issue(s)
0 - Low severity issue(s)
1 note(s)
1 owner privilege(s)

Executive Summary

This report presents the results of the security audit conducted by the Callisto Network Security Department on the Enduracoin Token smart contract in December 2023. It analyzes the contract’s security posture in-depth and highlights any identified vulnerabilities.

1. Scope of the Audit

Commit b9a32fc37a5a81748f68e42a3dcd6590cee08035

  • EnduracoinToken.sol
  • EnduracoinValue.sol
  • ManageApprovers.sol
  • StringHelpers.sol
  • ChangeRequests.sol

2. Audit Findings

Our audit reported a total of 0 finding(s), categorized as follows:

  • 0 high-severity issue(s).
  • 0 medium severity issue(s).
  • 0 low-severity issue(s).

In addition to these findings, our audit identified 2 additional points, detailed in the following sections:

  • 1 note(s).
  • 1 owner privilege(s).
No critical security issues were found.

2.1 Owner Privileges



Owner Privileges.


50 Billion Enduracoin will be pre-minted to the owner’s wallet.

2.2 A few minor observation



Minor Observation.


  1. The getPendingChangeRequest() is a view function, so it does not require onlyApprovers modifier.
  1. The owner must be the final approver in voting for transferapprovetransferFromincreaseAllowance. If the owner votes earlier the change request can’t be approved and all other approvers should vote against it to be able to create a new request. It creates an opportunity for a frontrunning attack by a malicious approver, where he can flip his vote just before the owner’s vote (so the owner will not be the last approver).

3. Security Practices

4. Conclusion

The audited smart contract can be deployed. No security issues were found during the audit.

It is recommended to adhere to the security practices described in pt. 3 of this report to ensure the contract’s operability and prevent any issues that are not directly related to the code of this smart contract.

6. CLO Coin Buyback & Burn Strategy

Callisto Security directly boosts CLO’s value for each smart contract audit performed by allocating a portion of the audit’s revenue for a CLO coin buyback and burn.

For this audit of Enduracoin Token:

  • Buyback Funds: 660 USD.

These purchased coins were subsequently burned, reducing CLO’s total supply and enhancing its value for all holders.

The buyback and burn strategy directly ties Callisto Security’s success to CLO’s value, adding another layer of utility for our community. For more details, see our GitHub.

About Callisto Network

Callisto Network conducted over 330 smart contract audits across platforms like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and EOS. In addition to our audits, we’ve developed the ERC 223 token standard and CallistoNFT standard, enhancements over existing standards that address flaws and offer new capabilities, further establishing us as industry leaders in crypto-security.

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