JusDeFi Token (JDFI) security audit, conducted by the Callisto Network Security Department in November 2020.


JusDeFi (JDFI) Specificities




Audit Request

JusDeFi is a next-generation yield farming experiment, combining some of the most exciting features from today’s biggest players in DeFi with revolutionary new tokenomics. Participants can stake JDFI tokens directly (or to stake LP for even larger rewards) and our unique fee structure powers the burn and buyback systems which in turn drive price action. Whenever you unstake your JDFI, a fee will be charged. Half goes into the staking rewards pool, and the other half is burned. This unstaking fee is dynamic, and changes weekly based on community governance.



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JusDeFi (JDFI) Smart Contract Security Audit Report

Are Your Funds Safe?


1. In scope

Commit hash 04ec75af9dd802e9f56f64b1b37b89c7e21a4480


  • AirdropToken.sol
  • DevStakingPool.sol
  • FeePool.sol
  • JDFIStakingPool.sol
  • JusDeFi.sol
  • StakingPool.sol
  • UNIV2StakingPool.sol
  • interfaces/IJDFIStakingPool.sol
  • interfaces/IJusDeFi.sol
  • interfaces/IStakingPool.sol


  • test/JusDeFiMock.sol
  • test/StakingPoolMock.sol

2. Findings

In total, 1 issue was reported including:

  • 1 notes.

2.1. Trusted addresses

Severity: note.


The function transferFrom in JusDeFi allow transferring from any address without allowance if msg.sender is in the whitelist. Two of three whitelisted addresses are JDFIStakingPool and UNIV2StakingPool which is part of the codebase, but the third address uniswapRouter sets in the constructor and is an external contract which is not part of the provided codebase. You have to be sure that uniswapRouter passed the security audits and have no issues.

3. Conclusion

In the audited smart contracts, there were not found security issues.
The only note: require to check the address of uniswapRouter which will be used in contract deployment, to be a real address of Uniswap Router.


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