Natmin Token (NAT) security audit, conducted by the Callisto Network Security Department in November 2018.


Natmin (NAT) Specificities




Audit Request

This is an ERC20/ERC223 token contract.

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Natmin (NAT) Smart Contract Security Audit Report

Are Your Funds Safe?


1. In scope

  • NatminToken.sol github commit hash a912bd64f25fdbc6420e2627cb3c20373002b7e7.

2. Findings

In total, 2 issues were reported including:

  • 2 low severity issues.

2.1. Transfer Event

Severity: low.


In the constructor a token transfer should be emitted when assigning the _totalSupply to the constractOwner to comply with ERC20 requirement.

Code snippet:

2.2. Known Issue of ERC20 Standard

Severity: low.


This is just a reminder for the contract developers (the described ERC20 issue is well-known and well documented).

It is possible to double withdrawal attack. More details here.

Code snippet:

3. Conclusion

The contract is safe to deploy.

4.Revealing audit reports


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