Open Bi Sea ETH-BSC Bridge smart contract security audit, conducted by the Callisto Network Security Department during May 2021.



Open Bi Sea ETH-BSC Bridge Smart Contract Security Audit Report

Are Your Funds Safe?

1. Summary

ETH-BSC Swap smart contract security audit report performed by Callisto Security Audit Department.


2. In scope

Commit 20ec6c502ba97cb530a54070d3b040ccdab76258

These code are deployed at:

2.1 Excluded

Folder test.

3. Findings

In total, 1 issue were reported including:

    • 0 high severity issue.
    • 0 medium issue.
    • 0 low severity issue.
    • 0 note.
    • 1 owner privileges.

3.1 The swapping process completely under the Owner’s control.

Severity: owner privileges.


The owner can transfer tokens on the Ethereum side and mint them on the BSC side.

However, Owner provides a transaction hash as proof of the user’s swap operation. Therefore anyone can check each swap operation and ensure its correctness.

4. Conclusion

The audited smart contract can be deployed. Pointed issues were fixed.

Since the swapping process completely on the owner’s power, users should understand the risk of an “exit scam”.


5. Previous report revealing


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