Shield Hash ( Shield 2FA DAPP ) smart contract security audit, conducted by the Callisto Network Security Department in May 2021.


Shield Hash Specificities




ShieldHash smart contract security audit report performed by Callisto Security Audit Department

Project Information:



Shield Hash (Shield 2FA DAPP) Smart Contract Security Audit Report

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1. In scope

2. Findings

In total, 1 issue were reported including:

  • 1 note.

No critical security issues were found.

2.1. Using string type

Severity: note.


The type hashinfo declared as string, but this type intends to use with text messages. If you need to store bytes data with arbitrary length better to use bytes type. In case if the hashinfo holds Keccak-256 or SHA-256 hash (or any other hash with length 256 bits) the more organic will be to use bytes32 type (it will save gas on storage usage).

3. Conclusion

The audited smart contract can be deployed. No security issues were found during the audit.


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