VIPWARZ smart contract security audit, conducted by the Callisto Network Security Department during June 2022.



VIPWARZ v2 Security Audit Report

Are Your Funds Safe?


VIPWARZ smart contract security audit report performed by Callisto Security Audit Department

1. In scope

Commit 6e3653502ac5dd4908937907fc30715f56e30867

  • ICO.sol
  • LockedFund.sol
  • VVT.sol

2. Findings

In total, 0 issues were reported including:

      • 0 high severity issues.
      • 0 medium severity issue.
      • 0 low severity issues.

In total, 1 note were reported, including:

      • 0 notes.
      • 1 owner privileges.

2.1 Owner Privileges

Severity: Owner Privileges.


The owner of the VVT token can set/change any address as a farm that have permission to mint tokens.

3. Security practices

4. Conclusion

The audited smart contract can be deployed. Only low severity issues were found during the audit.

It is recommended to adhere to the security practices described in pt. 4 of this report to ensure the contract’s operability and prevent any issues that are not directly related to the code of this smart contract.


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