On January 11, 2018, Yohan Graterol, Callisto Network’s co-founder, answered questions about 51% attack protection and the action plan for 2019.


Hi everybody, @yograterol here from Estonia this time.

Will you continue with ETC dev?

Of course. We will make every project of CLO compatible with ETC.

What is the development focus for the CLO ecosystem in 2019?

1- 51% attack protection.

2- New Wallet.

3- Cold Staking upgrade.

4- Constantinople HF.

Is there deadline of 51% attack protection?

Late 2019, November.

What is the 51% attack protection? And why wouldn’t you advise the same on ETC if it was a good idea? Unless you are taking the centralized route.

This is the first option for us right now: https://docs.pirl.io/en/development/core/pirlguard/.

I talked with Pirl founder, and we will audit the code and port to Parity if it’s suitable for us.

And I don’t recommend it for ETC because I didn’t test it, we will not implement it right now, we have deadline late 2019 to check it enough if it works well I will try to recommend it for ETC.

Do you plan to do something to increase the price of CLO?

We never stop our plans. However, price doesn’t depend just on development, the market is a crucial part, and we don’t control it.

The price will grow by increasing the demand for CLO. The question is, how will you make the demand to rise for CLO?

New developments + continuous marketing + more community participation + get new investors like a startup.

It’s not a magic recipe, but it helps to take advantage of the bull market when it happens.

Hello Yohan, simple question. If ETC changes algo, will we change it too?

Against ASIC might yes, it could be for late 2019.

I know you do not have plans to change Algo form Ethash but if you wanted to change how long would that take to implement?

Late 2019.

What do you think the ETC team to do with these on going 51%? Auto checkpointing like BitcoinCash? Merged mining with ETH? POW change? POS? Hold out until ETH goes POS and ETC will be the dominant Ethash mined? Try and get defensive Hashpower to help protect ETC right now?

Well, it’s a hard question, I’m not sure what is the best option for ETC right now. Because: https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/status/1082491687169998848.

Hi Yohan, I wish you a happy new year and hope you’re well. I’d like to ask an array of questions I’ve collected since the last AMA, most of which should be attractive to many. What are you working on right now?

My main job is the management and some software development tasks. I am handling all operative things to keep going on the project.

What is Dexaran currently working on?

Researching and getting EOS audit team.

Are we expected to see more involvement from @dexaran and others from the team with the community and project, or is it limited to the hard fork dates? It bothers me to schedule a timeframe to attend an “AMA” to ask my questions – it wasn’t like this initially, and I’m feeling that the team is getting detached from the community.

We always here, Dexaran has a fixed position about his work in the project https://medium.com/@dexaran820/callisto-network-updates-24-sep-2018-44e7006e9417

You could put your question here, and we will give you an answer.

Who is working on the improvements of cold staking UI?

Our CTO.

Who is working on the integration of cold staking in other wallets than CEW and exchanges?

Our CMO, Trust Wallet, Guarda, Coinomi have support to CS.

When will we see an update of the financial report? The argument “no update because of gdpr” comes across like an excuse for not having to maintain and disclose financial matters, first: gdpr has been introduced in May last year, but the report is filed up to October, second: gdpr concerns only personal data of individuals and not some hash values in a random table.

The financial report included some time info about who is receiving some CLO. We can’t add it to anyone. We have a deadline for the Q4 update up to 20 January.

Financial transparency: Please describe the nature of transaction 0x34aac1c72819c06dd3079b1b8169b782cf3543ec6ded4278bb94131512079f25 (payment of 17 mln CLO from treasury to Dexaran’s address – which by the way he sent to staking address right away)

It’s part of the BTC than Dexaran put for HitBTC.

Financial transparency: please find and show proof for transaction 0xe66cf94f39a4f02f9d35d74b8d413c819b9e2ca63a5a648535f0f72d9f7c2259 (proof/receipt of former payment to HitBTC)

Ok, we will find it.

As per whitepaper: can you confirm that with beginning of the cold staking stage (Nov. 11,2018), that you, Dexaran and Carlos no longer receive 500k, 500k and 100k CLO initial launch period rewards per month and instead share rewards based on 10 percent development funding from the treasury fee as described in the whitepaper?

It’s not specified a “no longer receive.”

Who is in charge of the treasury, and is there a plan to involve people from the community with treasury supervision to ensure that funds are used properly?

We must comply the EU laws and financial reports for Estonia.

Which measure will be taken to tackle the upcoming problem of 51 percent attacks with ASICs and WHEN?

Late 2019.

Hi boss! What steps will be taken for the interest of future investors?

Improve the product is the only way to get and keep investors. The audit will be key for it this year.

Whether the CLO team thought of introducing CLO in various charity foundations for help to people, for example? Funds for the attraction of financial resources of donation. It could be made additional function and drawing attention around the world as the blockchain is the confidence that money will reach the final recipient and transparency of donations.…. Can it make sense for CLO?

It could be a good idea. cc @alejomc.

Whether are outlined some large-scale public relations of the company for CLO? For example, in China? The Coinbene needs volumes at the exchange. I think there could be good investors.

In China, we are looking, work-in-progress, about Coinbene volume. Yes, we are working on getting new investors there and increasing volume in that exchange.

Why is there no report on financial expenditure so long?

We will try to keep real-time the financial report. We were looking for a way to keep it in real-time, we got an idea; the next financial report will mention transactions in real-time with description.

I am sure that it is necessary to go to a conference blockchain. And as often as possible to do it. Why, for one year of existence, you did not present the project at similar conferences? Same engine advertising CLO. That not only miners but also large investors knew about CLO. Otherwise, miners will constantly reduce the CLO price of CLO.

About conferences, I will go to Devcon this year. And the idea is to use our advisors to get more presence in large blockchain events.

Have you a plan on how to stop the inflation of CLO?

We’re discussing monetary policy; we will publish this month the thread to get the community’s opinion and vote the best option.

Any idea for a new use case? CS dApp is excellent, but more implementation features should be developed. Any ideas for new DApps?

For now, audit and CS will be our key features; we must increase the audit demand for large companies (coming), SDK for DApps is an idea for this year.

Healthy new year, 1. Will CLO burn some coins in the future because the total amount of “6.500.000.000” CLO is considerable to bring CLO over 1$.

No, 6.5 billion is the max amount, we don’t have a plan to reduce the max amount.

Hey Yohan! Do you have any requests for Cardano smart contract security audit?

No, for now. We’re focusing in CLO, ETC, ETC, and EOS.

I would love to spend CLO to develop and audit my idea and I need to find developers interested.

Yes, you’re right. Q3-Q4 should be for development tools. Maybe we will publish a contest for developers in CLO.

Yohan, what are you doing in Estonia?

Working :D Callisto Network Foundation OÜ is registered here. We are looking for lawyers and accountants.

After analyzing Constantinople that will be included in HF in May this year. Will it be the same with elements like the upgrade that will happen to ETH?

We will add EIP 145, EIP 1052, EIP 1283, EIP 101.

New exchange information?

Wait for it a bit :) new year is beginning.

IBM purchased 9100 patents in 2018. A portion of them was for crypto. Is anyone concerned about licenses neutering the crypto space?

Software patents just apply mostly in the US. To be honest, it doesn’t worry me. Crypto world is mainly Asia, Russia, Europe.

Make transfer protection through 2FA authentication. How to protect against viruses? (Сделать защиту переводов через 2FA authentication. Как защита от вирусов?).

If you are doing large transfer, you could use a PC just for that, by example a Raspberry Pi. You turn it on just for making transactions.

Another option to make offline transactions.

There are some plans to get CLO into kiosks?

CLO – FIAT – CLO, is a goal for this year. About kiosks, no plan.

There is some plan for the crypto card? Or your goal its only fiat pairs?

Crypto cards… Sounds like a good idea. Sell crypto such as a Netflix code in stores?

I refer to cards to spend CLO in worldwide stores. But your idea is even better! There are some plans for that?

No plan, We haven’t thought about it. However, contact me and tell me more, please. We could build some MVP.


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