On November 11, 2020, Yohan answered questions from the community about the partnership with Invictus, CLO mining, and the Bitfinex advantages. Bonus: Julien du Bois, PIRL founder as special guest ?.


Admin: Ladies and gentlemen, AMA with Yohan Graterol, Callisto Network’s Co-Founder START NOW!

Please be respectful, give Yohan the time to respond, and do not repeat questions.  Thank you ?

Yohan Graterol: Hello!

Hi, @yograterol !
Could you please, tell us about cooperation (partnership) with “Invictus Mining” project?

Yohan: Invictus are different companies, you can check in the tweet all related companies to Invictus.

They are starting to work with big clients to integrate blockchains for them.

Going well with the deal, Callisto would be the blockchain to use with some upgrades to give the possibility of instant payment and more features.

I know more information and that info will be gradually disclosed.

Hi, Yohan. Tell us about yourself, to begin with. Who are you, how long have you been working in CLO project, etc?

Hi, 3 years in CLO project, before mainnet launching. I’m the lead of the project and if you are new in the community… welcome to Callisto.

@yograterol If we consider the daggerhashimoto algorithm, then Ethereum will go to the POS, Ethereum classic has recently suffered in terms of security, the only thing that remains interesting is Callisto. What do you think about this?

Well, ETC has options to solve the security issues with current technologies like Pirl Guard, however they decided to migrate and it’s ok, I hope that they don’t get more attack of that style.

I’m not involved in ETC community, I wish the best for them however I am not ok with part of community, some guys are toxic.

@yograterol Is there any plans to encourage current 4GB GPU miners to migrate to CLO after the Epoch will prohibit mining of ETH by 4GB cards?


You can check now it in whattomine, we must do our job and miners with 4gb cards will come.

So, your answer is it advertises itself and no need to push on your end?

We don’t need to push CLO to miners right now, a lot of miners switch coins using Whattomine as reference.

Julien du Bois (PIRL founder): You would probably grab our miners in few days ?

Hahaha, it’s likely… My friend from Pirl, let’s see how Pirl goes to POS. Good wishes for u bro!

cRepas V. (Invictus Team): Hey julien ;-) nice to see pirl team here!

Julien du Bois (PIRL founder): We are CLO friends ?

This is the true spirit of crypto, collaboration ??

You are right bro, I think the same. I support Pirl, we are not adversaries.

What’s the main, I mean the primary goal of the project?

Until now, security auditing for smart contracts, secure smart contracts ecosystem.

However the goal could be split in two in the next two months ?

If we happen to go to Pusane tn 68-170 in Lasnamäe, will we really find a high-tech office, with lots of devs, managers inside? How does this office look like? Some pictures of it are much welcome ?

We don’t work in Estonia. We don’t have a lot devs and office in this pandemic ? doesn’t look a good choice.

The office is just a rent space for mailing right?

And by legal stuffs, in Estonia you must have an legal address there. It’s really common in biz world, a lot of companies has offices but the legal addresses are only a mail inbox.

This is not a problem given the fact that with that office CLO is a legal entity? I think it can help in new listings.

You are right, be European entity helps a bit.

What project are you currently working on?
Are you working with @Dexaran on something?

I’m working with Invictus guys to move forward the deal, that’s key for the project.

Dexaran has personal health issues for that he is away, he is finishing the recovering process.
We will see to Dexaran in coming days.

I wish a speedy recovery to Dexaran!

Is it COVID?

I wouldn’t like to reveal more personal information from him, just he is better right now.

Thats enough! Tell him that all callisto fans are waiting good news from him!

I hope that he came back with more energy.

@yograterol @masterdubs what about mining both PIRL and CLO?

How mining algo works that is not viable. A lot of death cards mining CLO and Pirl at the same time in case that the software allows it.

@yograterol Is there are any plans to list on major exchanges like binance and attract investors for this?

Major exchanges have been always in the view, the next listing of CLO should be in a major exchange, we don’t have any active talk currently however it’s the goal, no more copycat exchanges.

@yograterol With CLO used by Invictus, does this mean more transactions per block avg on CLO?

Yeah ?

What’s about some dev-premine? How is your dev-activity being paid? Don’t say you’re altuist ?

We didn’t have a premine, only airdrop to ETC holders, more that one million of ETC addresses received CLO.

There exists a treasury and we receive a portion of block reward.

We receive a fixed salary from the treasury, I was receiving less than 300 USD monthly ? we can say that we are altruist.

Julien du Bois (PIRL founder): blockchain lovers ?

CLO Block Reward Distribution
Miners 71,28 CLO
Cold stakers 45,36 CLO
Treasury fund 12,96 CLO

Thank u for sharing that info.

Any plan to bring uniswap like project ?

No for now, first we need commercial usage and after we can bring more projects with a better budget.

Thanks @yograterol ! Keep the hard work!

Thanks, mate!

Julien du Bois (PIRL founder): We should list the number of messages we exchanges talking on good stuff about blockchain ?

Yeaaah bro.

@yograterol It seems to me to stay afloat in the world of cryptocurrencies. You need to stick to the world of Finance and money. Callisto has everything for this: its own blockchain, security, and low Commission. My opinion is that it is necessary to implement Callisto in payment systems.


cRepas V. (Invictus Team): Invictus cant agree more ;-)


@yograterol In the past, @cReepass offered to sponsor a team for etc development. Does this stands also for CALLISTO? Have you made such an agreement @yograterol ?

I don’t know about a past agreement with some ETC team, however Invictus is doing the stuffs of a transparent way and in each announcement we will be able to get more information, there some stuffs to cook before each announcement.

Invictus is 20 steps ahead.

@yograterol And as for the exchange for today, it is unrealistic to buy on the STEX because they do not verify it for unknown reasons. Other exchanges have a small volume of purchases. There was a Swap exchange if I’m not mistaken but Callisto was removed from there. We need an online exchange.

Goes to Bitfinex, Bitfinex doesn’t require KYC.

Take advantage of it, if everyone goes to Bitfinex we can speed up some steps for the project.

Have you reached out to the $ZEL team to be added to the Zelcore Wallet? It is a rapidly growing project.

Let me research about Zelcore, I don’t have idea in this moment but for the next AMA ask me the same, ok.

@yograterol are there any risks of a 51% attack? I know there should be some. And how are you going to deal with it if (when) it is going to be happened?

Always exists a possibility, however Pirl Guard has worked well until now. We always check the network health in any case to see some suspicious activity and we didn’t see something wrong.

If an attack happens each exchange has more of 75 confirmations before to credit the CLO coins to the balance, it’s enough for now to avoid losses.

The main issue with an attack right now are the centralized entities as exchanges, in on chain nothing will happen, only a re org of few blocks.

@yograterol Is Bitfinex going to add the CLO-BTC pair again?

Getting a good volume in CLO/USD, yes. For that everyone should goes to Bitfinex.

There two advantages for CLO if everyone trades there:

1- Recover BTC pair.

2- Show to major exchanges a healthy market.

At what volume at bitfinex you would be happy?

There no a number, obviously they don’t want wash trading for that they don’t give a number

However we are doing well right now and we can do it better as community, the CLO/USD pair looks better now than some weeks ago.

Hello, I asked in June about “how retrieving CS % via curl?” any news?

Oh, I didn’t remember it. Let me check it and let’s talk about it in next AMA.

It was in PM ?

I have two tasks from this AMA:

– Research about Zelcore.

– CS stats with an API.

The second one would help for sure!


@yograterol Since CLO is an Ethash coin. When do you think that ETH is going to move finally to pos?

Well, they have phases, so, have a time right now in only speculation however late 2021 could be a good time for them if they activate ETH2.0 in December or January.

You mean a complete move to pos ?

Yes. They must keep pow to migrate current ETH to new chains.

Admin: Thank you for your great questions Callistonians, unfortunately, time is over.

Thank you @yograterol for your time!

And a BIG thanks to our special guest @masterdubs, PIRL founder ?



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