Callisto Network and Callisto Enterprise break through Implementation

One of the largest and most consolidated public transport operators in Central and Eastern Europe is seriously considering running its instant payment platform on the Callisto Network infrastructure thanks to its security and interoperability. They follow the development of the partnership between Callisto Enterprise and Callisto Network. A test phase of the application could soon concretize it.



Operator ICT is the public transport company of Prague city which provides both technological and innovative support to a transport system with the operating annual capacity of approx 1.172 billion passengers. The innovation and development belongs to the most advanced role model often replicated in CEE region. Thanks to its diversified ecosystem, the concept weathers the tough Covid 19 period really well. It proves the strong fundamentals on which we intend to build another chapter of the success story of smart mobility for the regional and global users. 


Below you can find the announcement:    





Announcement translated from Czech: At OICT, we monitor global development in the payment area and are also considering the deployment of instant payments for Praguers operating on blockchain technology. There are many different variants for use, such as blockchain Callisto Network. It is an example of an innovative project that has the potential to reduce the cost of transaction fees and ensure for the inhabitants of Prague “instant” and convenient payments not only for services provided by the city ?  


Callisto Network Community

It is a tremendous news and reward for the work done by Callisto community. The public transport ecosystem is the best to start off a real deployment of any technological features due to daily usage and a huge transaction traffic. We can share with you the draft of process that could be implemented in QR mobile payments and public transportation ecosystem. Right now, we focus on finishing the monetary policy updates and working on finishing the technical details for the prototype phase.  



Next steps: Callisto Network and Invictus Teams are working on Callisto Enterprise long term strategy and positioning primarily based on the current traction and future development of new projects. We will keep you posted as soon as we have met another milestone of our mutual roadmap to make Callisto ecosystem established. There is more exciting fodder on the way. Updates on new projects are expected before the year end to pave the way for smooth pilot implementation in the beginning of 2021.



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