On February 8, 2019, Alejo Chababo, Callisto Network’s head of marketing, answered questions from the community about Coinomi Airdrop, the new exchange listing, and the Callisto’s advisors.


Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to everyone, @alejomc here.

Hello Alejo, is there news about new exchanges?

About exchanges: We are closing deals with two exchanges about listing and partnership. The partnership means that we will be the official auditors for every coin listed on their platform.

About other exchanges; That I can not tell you the name because of legal issues

But I can tell you one thing about this exchange. There will be no delays. There will be no fake volumes. The listing date is already confirmed, expect it in the next 2 or 3 weeks. You ALL be happy with this because it is the biggest achievement in exchange related.

Large exchanges?

One of the largest – Maybe the best one.

@alejomc Small question? And a new exchange of the top 5?

Yes. Believe me, I would be glad to tell you right now about the exchange, but for legal terms, I can’t. Otherwise, all of you will be super happy.

But, do not forget that the other 2 exchanges are going to be listing CLO as well, and we will be doing a long term partnership for auditing their smart contracts. This, in terms of development and use, is GREAT.

@alejomc  Have you been in contact with Binance? They’re launching Dex. You could become auditors from smart contracts.

I can not talk about Binance in public.

But negotiations go with them?

I really can not talk about it. You should check about the listing policies of Binance; they want to prevent any kind of speculations based on a listing. I think this is great btw.

Hi @alejomc in Guarda Wallet interview, it was said that there are two options for the new inflation rate. Can you tell us more about it so we can give our feedback as a community?

They will be delivered to the community once they are both ready so everyone will be able to vote

@alejomc Hi. I apologize for my English; I use the translator. At me is to steam of questions. In your last report, you spoke about the new marketing specialist; you found to yourself the assistant? And the second question. You wrote in the same report concerning advertising started. Advertising will be launched?

1. I’m getting help from an assistant yes, that’s right. She is helping me with Google Ads.

2. The advertising is ready, and it was already tested. The outcome was great. BUT we are working on a new landing page; this will be great for rebranding and making things easier to understand in the CLO ecosystem.

So the ads will be fully released once the product is ready

How much time do you need to make everything ready?

I think next week we will have everything running. During the weekend I will look at the final details.

Any further development?

Right now, we want to deliver a new experience of what Callisto Network – CLO is to the end-user. That’s why we are performing some changes on our landing page. Every campaign will redirect the potential costumers to the new image of CLO.

We also made a new video (with a professional team with a native speaker) for the campaign. We are also preparing two more videos for promoting.

@alejomc Poloniex exchange last year announced a free listing of interesting projects. Tell me you contacted them? Is there result?

I have contacted them, but no response yet. Anyways, in matters of exchanges, you will be all satisfied in a couple of weeks.

For the long term, are there any new developments?

You should ask our CTO or CRO. The last AMA was with our CRO.

Hi Alejo!

I am thinking about how Callisto Network could leverage its community’s usage in the best way from a marketing perspective. How do we, in the right way, spread the work and word of Callisto Network together and individually to get the best results? 

I am asking as a novice within the marketing strategy.

I have an idea that will reward people to retweet and share content. I love you all guys, but you are too lazy to do a retweet for free!

What areas are your efforts focused on?

Right now, I’m in charge of every negotiation and promotion of CLO as an enterprise.

@alejomc, I correctly understand that at the end of February, there will be a new exchange? Or several exchanges?

We have the listing date confirmed with the biggest one. At the same time, we are putting the things together with the other 2, maybe in late February we will have this ready

Hello Alejo, how your health?

I’m great thanks!

Hi, Alejo! Are there negotiations with new advisers?

Yes, you are right!

@alejomc How are the advisors doing? Do they do their work to support and promote Clo?

Shira is getting us very important people around us. This could be groundbreaking in the next months. Having the right people close when the market goes super high will be very useful.

Raymond is quite busy, but he understands that he will not be getting paid.

There’s no mention of Clo on their Instagram and Twitter.

There is. Also in her LinkedIn profile.

Well, there’s no mention on Shira’s Instagram.

This is not that important. We are getting influence with people who don’t care about Instagram, the kind of people you meet in conferences, and have a one-on-one talk.

Alejo, when mister Denis Time will be in command? Hi, is working very well in the group.

Sorry, Maybe I missed this. What do you mean?

Yohan considerete Denis, but no news.

I will make Yohan take a look at this.

What conferences are you going to attend in 2019, and how will CLO be represented at them?

We will try to reach this kind of conference as much as possible. But going around the world is expensive. That’s why we aim to get more advisors in different places around the globe to attend these conferences.

You talked about free likes, does that mean you will use bots to increase your popularity?

Sorry, no, at all. Everything related to bots pumping news or giving likes is what I hate. I prefer the long-term but organic increase.

What I wanted to tell you, is that I’m thinking about a rewarding system for the community (not available for new users) in exchange of retweets or likes.

Alejo, do you think at some point projects you and the team are working on will start looking for alliances with other crypto projects and communities, or is it just one team, one objective?

We are already getting offers from crypto-related business. We will close a deal with the best ones for us.

I’m super confident about the new image for CLO and the new listings. Can’t tell you more, but…if you are selling your CLO… think about it twice…maybe four times before doing it.

Thanks all for this great AMA. Hope to see you in the next one!


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