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Cold staking is a protocol that rewards long-term coin holders for staking their Callisto coins.

Ask Me Anything with Dexaran 21/01/2019

Ask Me Anything with Dexaran 21/01/2019

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with with Dexaran 21-01-2019

Hello, Callisto Community, @Dexaran here.

Dexaran Hello! What are your ideas on monetary policy change?

We all think that it is necessary to reduce the inflation rate. It was announced at the very beginning of this project and now we are looking for the best way to do this.

At the other hand we need to reduce the inflation but it is also important to maintain high hashrate and not to discourage miners.

Hi dexaran, nice having you here and a happy new year. Here are some critical questions as always:

We don’t see any more involvement / activity from you or any other core member apart from occassional AMA’s. is this project dead for you?

Callisto is definitely not a dead project. Currently we are undergoing some internal changes and reorganization in the team. Also, bearish market cycle phase is not the best time for epic news and active actions in my opinion (others may disagree).

We are preparing for the next steps.

This includes: monetary policy, governance system and some other updates.

Also, our security department is still operating and I think that Callisto project is serving its main goal as intended.

What other projects are you working on?

I can’t announce any side projects at the moment.

I’ve submitted a couple of ECIPs for Ethereum Classic and I’m planning to continue with pushing our updates.

Callisto was meant to be a research ground for ETH improvement, so far we haven’t seen much research being done, many issues on github are not being worked on. what is being done to improve that?

Callisto have never been a research platform for ETH. It was meant to be a research platform for ETC.

Based on our Callisto development I’ve proposed some improvements for ETC already:

However, based on ETC community reaction I decided to wait with Cold Staking proposal.

You are still being paid 500k CLO salary, as opposed to the whitepaper where this kind of salary was only specified for PHASE 1. why? (please update the whitepape, rif it was meant to be that way)

It should be noted that it was meant to have this salaries for Callisto founders until the implementation of proposal-based governance system (which turns out to be impossible as Callisto now has a legal entity).

We will update the whitepaper and clarify this issue.

Are you actively working together with PIRL to develop and enforce PIRL GUARD to counterfeit 51 attacks? if not, who else are you working with?

Yohan is currently working with this issue, however I don’t have something special to announce yet.

Callisto has been very lazy / incapable of adapting ASIC resistance, whereas compititors like Bitcoin Interest deployed ProgPOW decades ago. if you are lacking the resources for implementation, why not come up with a schedule / plan and share with us?

As for now, the ASIC resistance is not the main problem for Ethash-based projects. Based on what I know current “Ethash ASICs” are just revamped old GPUs which are a bit cheaper than new GPUs. Thus, this is not a threat for decentralization or security.

Financial transparency: how much money does callisto treasury owe you in total? you have taken out about 20 million CLO out of treasury as “compensation for listings” but haven’t shown any proof of payment (0x34aac1c72819c06dd3079b1b8169b782cf3543ec6ded4278bb94131512079f25,


As per our financial report, Callisto paid me the full amount of listing fees. There will be no more compensations. Consider it’s done.

All in all, I really hope to see the core team being around a bit more on all channels so that it actually seems that someone is caring for the project and that the project is alive. Currently we only have Maximus and Darwino engaging with the community, please change that!

Noted, thank you for your feedback.

is clo project prevalent to etc in your job

I would say that it is planned to propose and handle ECIP discussions in ETC during 2019.

As for Callisto, it is planned to do more of actual development during this year. I would say that I will definitely spend more time in Callisto during 2019.

When will clo get another usecase next to audits. Maybe as a payment method In my New project called DOOM to the crypt(o)  where there are diffent camps set up all using their own crypto logo and payment for inside upgrades via crypto

It would be good for Callisto and any new use cases are always welcome. However, it is Yohan’s initiative to attract new businesses and extend CLO use cases area.

I will be focused on security audits.

are any new improvments regarding sm contract audit that could be superior to other smart contract audit firms or teams

I would say that there are no “Improvements” for now. Our security audits are still handled by the team of security auditors.

Security Auditing Department received some updates recently (including contribution and payment schemas updates, some minor audit report format updates)

Is it possible to spend AMA on YouTube? to increase the community and will monetary policy be revised?

I don’t think that it is a good idea to have YouTube AMAs. Also, I prefer written discussions as I want to stay anonymous for now.

Dex, do you plan change cold staking algorithm, and what about pos plans?

We plan to update Cold Staking contract in the next hardfork.

As for POS – I can’t make any announcement yet. We will make an official announcement as soon as a decision is made on this issue.

Can you tell us more about this Cold Staking update?

There are 2 main reasons  to update the CS contract:

1. Compound interest (Weighted stakes)

2. Integration with the upcoming governance system

We aim to improve the reward calculation formula so that it will not be necessary to restake your funds each month to earn reward.

Also, it was planned to implement the decentralized governance system for Treasury Proposals since the very beginning. This aims to allow Cold Stakers to vote and provide funding for proposals (similar to our current EthereumCommonwealth/Proposals repo which is inactive at the moment). This changes require the update of Cold Staking contract.

Hey DEX, any appoach or discution to break the ice between ETC & CLO, as ETC were trying to distance themselves from CLO project. any progress is being done or things already good?

First of all, ETC is not people who make announcement on behalf of ETC.

ETC is just a decentralized project but not people who currently govern its media resources.

I understand why Vitalik Buterin can make announcements on behalf of ETH (because he created it). I understand why Dan Larimer can make announcements on behalf of EOS (because he created it).

However, even their rights are arguable.

I don’t understand why a group of people who has no relations with ETC are now making announcements on behalf of ETC and ETC community. They have nothing to do with ETC and they are not more ETC than me or you.

If someone is saying that “There is some ice in relations between CLO and ETC” then it means that there is a group of people who call themselves “ETC community” and claim to have rights to speak on behalf of ETC and these people have some reasons against CLO.

There is no ice between CLO and ETC. Just some people who pretend to be ETC (and aren’t in fact) have this opinion.

In case of ETC and CLO, we are doing exactly what we promised.

We promised to research experimental protocol upgrades and solve funding/governance issues.

We researched. We have solutions.

I’m currently proposing it.

And other question, i think that changing of payment if audit is necessary. What do you think about contstant hold in contract cold staking for auditing?

This is a good idea however this can hurt the main goal of the project (providing free audits) and this does can not provide any significant income compared to monthly Treasury income (block reward fees). Thus, this is not the high priority goal right now but we will definitely dive deeper into this issue later.

Hi Dexaran! Your opinion-when the market will go up?

our expectations on boosting price failed till now.any new ideas to boost the price.

I would say that we shouldn’t expect a recovery in short terms. I’m still bearish on $BTC and I don’t see any fundamental reasons for the industry to proceed to growth.

No capitulation, no new money flows, no reasons to go up. 2019 will be a hard year for bagholders but it is a good year to load your bags/ accumulate/ buy something cheap.

This will last for long enough. In pessimistic scenario we will only observe recovery in ~250 days from now. However, “the recovery” does not mean that BTC will surpass the current level. There will be another dip before the recovery.

Again, we should wait for the capitulation first.

Hi @Dexaran,

I see that EthereumCommonwealth repository for proposals on Github is inactive. Last official interaction took place 2 months ago approximately by Yohan. Most of proposals do not get any sort of feedback, neither accepted nor rejected. Does it mean it is abandoned or proposals are no longer interesting?

Disclaimer I have an open proposal myself.

Yes, as I’ve said earlier we are undergoing some internal changes.

I will take care of Treasury proposals myself.

Dexaran Do you maintain relations with the developers of the Ethereum? With Vitalik or someone else.

As for now, I don’t maintain any relations with Ethereum developers.

I had some contacts with Viktor Tron,  Fabian Vogelsteller and Nick Johnson.

Honestly, I see Ethereum as deprecated project. It was an exciting innovation when there were no smart-contract development platforms. Now, it is deprecated.

I’m looking for new contacts with EOS developers.

Hi dex!

Did you know that callisto is used in the online payment system in Korea?


Dex, Hi!

What do you think about NEO, Cardano?

NEO – non-working contracts. Impossible to create something.

ADA – in theory this is a good project but let’s wait to see this in action. Still I don’t see any advantage of ADA over EOS.

From smart-contract developer’s point of view – EOS is the only good development platoform (YES, it has some issues and YES some could call it centralized but if you develop smart-contract – this is your only option).

Thanks for all the questions and @Dexaran for your time!

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