Humanity Through Technology: Callisto Network

At Callisto Network, we go beyond blockchain to make a real-world impact. Our “One Earth, One Heart” initiative embodies our commitment to empower communities and preserve our planet.

We’re catalysts to innovate, inspire, and implement real change in communities worldwide.

Callisto Network’s Compassion in Action

From the very beginning, cryptocurrency was always about “the people”—a way to decentralize money that governments were destroying. Along the way, crypto has expanded its mission, providing new ways for communities to form and for people to reach out to one another along paths that were never possible.

One of those paths is decentralized charity.

Crypto has allowed organizations to form spontaneously, globally, and almost instantaneously to raise money to help others in need—anywhere in the world. To that end, Callisto Network and SOY Finance, its DeFi division, launched a charity arm called One Earth, One Heart. It aims to raise awareness of global suffering and to remind people of the reality that we all share one planet, and we all need to spread one love.

Since its launch, One Earth, One Heart has raised $40,000, with every penny of that donated to charitable causes, as proven on the blockchain. One of our biggest efforts has been our response to the conflict in Ukraine. As a company based in the Czech Republic and with employees based in both Ukraine and Russia, this conflict hits very close to home for us.

As such, through One Earth, One Heart, Callisto Network, and SOY Finance set out to relieve some of the human suffering across the affected regions. Callisto and SOY have done so through internal company efforts and by reaching out to the Callisto Network and SOY Finance communities.


SOY Finance Charity NFTs

Key Humanitarian Actions and Impact

  • Community-Driven Contributions: Through various initiatives, including internal company efforts and community outreach, Callisto Network has raised substantial funds, which have been transparently donated to charitable causes, providing essential humanitarian aid across Ukraine, the Donbas region, and Russia with 10,000 USD donated to Miloserdie charity relief services. To maintain the highest level of transparency, an online spreadsheet is available.
  • Broader Aid and Refugee Support: Collaborating with SOS Ukraine, Callisto Network’s contribution of $11,500 has expanded the charity’s capacity to assist refugees in finding accommodation and employment in the Czech Republic. Announcement can be found here.
  • Fundraising and Community Engagement:  An innovative approach using NFT sales to raise funds, with nearly 431,000 CLO coins contributed by the community. The SOY Finance Charity NFT series consists of 10 NFTs. The price of NFTs starts at 100 CLO and varies according to their class. Considering the charitable nature of the series, a minimum price is set, but no maximum price; everyone is free to donate as much as they wish. Read the details in our article.
  • Direct Aid in the Czech Republic: SOY Finance donated 300,000 Czech crowns to Rybička Teplice Charity, significantly aiding orphans from Ukraine. This donation transformed a building into a safe haven, providing mothers and children with necessities like meals, bedding, and community support. The efforts extend beyond financial aid, encompassing emotional support, sports activities, and educational opportunities, ensuring these children and families rebuild a sense of normalcy and hope. This action has been the subject of a detailed article that can be read here.

The human impact of Callisto Network’s charitable endeavors is profound. While recognizing that these efforts alone cannot change the course of conflicts, the tangible difference made in the lives of those affected is undeniable. Through One Earth, One Heart, Callisto Network continues to spread compassion and hope, staying true to the principle of ‘one love’ in a world that needs it more than ever.

Planting a Greener Future with Callisto Network

Callisto’s green initiatives reflect a broader commitment to environmental stewardship. Our vision encompasses supporting tree planting wildlife protection efforts and exploring innovative solutions to reduce the overall carbon footprint of blockchain technology. We believe in a balanced approach where advanced technology coexists with a prosperous natural world.

Green Initiatives: Callisto Network’s Environmental Advocacy

  • Commitment to Reforestation: Callisto Network has committed a monthly budget to tree-planting initiatives as part of an ambitious approach to ecological sustainability. This proactive approach aims to harmonize the environmental impact of its blockchain operations in the long term, particularly mining activities. Callisto actively engages in reforestation, contributing to carbon sequestration, habitat restoration, and biodiversity enhancement.
  • Transition to Proof of Stake:  Understanding the environmental implications of cryptocurrency mining, Callisto Network is making a step towards eco-friendliness by transitioning to a Proof of Stake (PoS) model. This shift reduces the network’s carbon footprint and represents our commitment to sustainable blockchain technology. PoS is a more energy-efficient consensus mechanism, significantly cutting down the electricity consumption and environmental impact compared to traditional mining methods.

Transparency in Action: Impact and Accountability

At Callisto Network, we deeply value transparency and accountability. To uphold these principles, we’ve established an accessible online spreadsheet, all donations are recorded in this document to maintain the highest level of transparency.

Uniting Hearts, Extending Hands

Generosity is without question one of the shining characteristics of the Callisto Network and SOY Finance communities. In 2022 alone, the community donated or airdropped more than two billion in various coins worth more than $15,000.

Callisto Security has performed more than 335 smart contract audits, mostly for free, as a contribution to helping secure the smart contract ecosystem. Moreover, Callisto Network itself was launched as a free airdrop to holders of Ethereum Classic. There was no initial coin offering or premine to benefit insiders. It was always and forever about the community.

Today, we recognize that “community” in the purest sense means all of us on this planet.