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Callisto Enterprise begins a new era with the Proof of Stake!

The migration started on March 1, 2024. Be part of the evolution!

Since 2021, Callisto Enterprise has been dedicated to building a secure, decentralized ecosystem for the Callisto Network community. This experience has been marked by innovation, learning, and, above all, the incredible support from the community.

This path has not been without its challenges, and the recent SOY Finance incident, with Dexaran’s minting and liquidating an astronomical amount of SOY tokens, has impacted the community’s trust and finances. This event also raised important questions about governance, security, and the true essence of decentralization within Callisto Network. 

It has become clear that to maintain our commitment to security, user-centricity, and true decentralization, a significant evolution is required.

Today, we stand at a crossroads, ready to write a new chapter, strengthened by our experiences and the community’s trust. It’s in these moments of adversity that the future becomes clear. 

Our achievements within the Callisto Network have laid a solid foundation for what comes next:

Strengthened by our experience, we are delighted to unveil our vision of what Callisto should stand for: decentralization, security, scalability, and community empowerment.

Introducing: CodeName [Callisto Evolution]

The feedback from the community and our internal analysis following the SOY token incident has underlined the need for an inclusive platform powered by transparent governance; with [Callisto Evolution], we aim to realize this vision without the constraints of the current infrastructure.

This initiative, developed in consultation with key stakeholders, including the Invictus Investment Fund, reaffirms our commitment to the community and the broader blockchain ecosystem. It aligns with our foundational principles of decentralization and community empowerment as outlined in our “Philosophy of Decentralization – Blueprint” and “Modern Theory of Democracy.

Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping this decision, highlighting the need for a platform that meets our collective aspirations for innovation, security, and governance.

Evolving To Proof of Stake (PoS)

[Callisto Evolution], codenamed for the next phase of Callisto Network by Callisto Enterprise, introduces its own token, ‘CE’ The platform will adopt the Proof of Stake (PoS) technology to enhance the platform’s scalability and security but also significantly reduce its environmental footprint. This evolution will enable the implementation of a truly decentralized on-chain governance.

[Callisto Evolution] Highlights

[Callisto Evolution] will leverage several groundbreaking features:

  • High-Speed Transactions: Targeting around 10,000 transactions per second to boost network throughput and user experience.
  • Enhanced Security: Leveraging a native connection to the Ethereum chain, we ensure superior security and resilience.
  • Advanced Technology: Incorporating Polygon technology and a hybrid PoS consensus mechanism, including checkpointing, to uphold network integrity.
  • Innovative Monetary Policy: Introducing a monetary policy that aligns with our vision for a stable and prosperous ecosystem.
  • Ease of Integration: Simplifying the integration process for new projects, encouraging innovation and growth within the ecosystem.
  • Interoperability and Innovation: Guaranteeing seamless interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain and pioneering solutions like “commit chains” for private transactions.
  • Low Gas Fees: Dramatically reducing gas fees making transactions more accessible to users worldwide.
  • Building Strong Partnerships: Prioritizing the development of robust partnerships to expand the network’s capabilities and reach.

As we embark on this exciting journey, the role of our community will be more pivotal than ever. Your support, insights, and active participation will be the cornerstone in shaping a platform that truly belongs to its users.

How To Evolve? Migration Plan

Ensuring a smooth transition for our community members and their assets to [Callisto Evolution] is paramount, and we’ve designed a simple token migration plan to facilitate this process. From 1st March 2024 to 1st September 2024, the CLO and CLOE holders will be enabled to migrate to CE coins. A step-by-step guide will be provided to assist you throughout this process.

  1. CLO Migration
  • Process: Via a dedicated migration interface, a simple click is all it takes to migrate your CLO to CE coins [Callisto Evolution].
  • Ratio: 1 = 1 CE Token. This 1:1 migration ratio ensures a direct and equitable transition to the new blockchain, reflecting our commitment to preserving the value of your investments.
  1. CLOE Token Migration
  • Process: CLOE holders can migrate their tokens using the same dedicated interface with just a click.
  • Ratio: 1 CLOE = 20 CE Tokens. Acknowledging the unique position of CLOE within our ecosystem, this migration ratio is designed to reward our early supporters.

To ensure a seamless transition to [Callisto Evolution], the assets gathered during this process could be allocated to cover the operational cost associated with the migration.

Initial Tokenomics of [Callisto Evolution]

We aim to create a fair, sustainable, and growth-oriented economic model for [Callisto Evolution], empowering its community and stakeholders, and we will consider feedback received during the migration phase to fine-tune the token distribution.

  • 24% CLO coin and CLOE holders
  • 40 % On-chain Treasury Governed by DAO:
    • Venture Capitals (VCs) – On-chain Sale to fund Treasury.
    • Marketing
    • Development Grants
    • Initial Liquidity – DEX Listing
    • CEX Listing
    • POS rewards
    • Ecosystem Improvement Grants
    • Partnership Grants
    • Charity Grants
  • 15% Founders and Founding Partners.
  • 15% VCs, Technology Partners & Advisors.
  • 6% Airdrops.

Please note that the distribution of coins across various categories will be managed through a multi-DAO structure, with the treasury serving as the main DAO. This setup ensures transparent funding of different DAOs, with explicitly defined cliff and vesting periods.


As announced in December, Callisto Enterprise is collaborating on the launch of a number of new projects. While these were initially planned for launch on Callisto Network, these partners are very excited about the launch of [Callisto Evolution] and are keen to follow us!

We are therefore pleased to announce that 5 projects will be launched on the [Callisto Evolution] via ICOs.

Closing Chapter and New Beginnings

As we prepare to launch [Callisto Evolution], Callisto Enterprise, the Invictus investment fund, and our partners are full of anticipation and excitement. Our time within the Callisto Network has been incredibly rewarding, and we express our sincere gratitude to the Callistonians for their support, collaboration, and above all, their trust. 

Finally, it is important to note that Callisto Enterprise will officially end its activities related to the Callisto Network POW server infrastructure on April 1, 2024. And only will support POS networks. As of this date, all POW infrastructures currently managed by Callisto Enterprise will no longer be maintained.

This transition marks not only an end but also a new beginning. We look forward to the opportunities and innovations that [Callisto Evolution] will bring to the blockchain space, and we invite our community to join us in this exciting new chapter.

Your participation will be more crucial than ever, shaping [Callisto Evolution] into a space that truly reflects our collective values and aspirations.

[Callisto Evolution] Roadmap

  • Migration Start  – 1st of March 2024
  • Migration End  – 1st of September 2024
  • Callisto Evolution Final Tokenomic – April 2024
  • Whitepaper & Treasury Governance Model – April 2024
  • Masterclass – May 2024
  • TestNet  – May 2024
  • MainNet – May 2024
  • NFTs Bridge – May 2024
  • Security Department – May 2024
  • SLOFI Launch – May 2024
  • Partner Project #1 Launch – May 2024
  • Partner Project #2 Launch – June 2024