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Fushuma proposes a new approach to blockchain tokenomics, with a particular focus on decentralization, fairness, and community-driven governance. Our approach in distributing $FUMA, the Fushuma native token, is designed to encourage an inclusive and empowered community while ensuring the project’s long-term resilience and success.

This document outlines the allocation of $FUMA tokens and details the distribution among different stakeholders, including holders of CLO coins and CLOE tokens, the on-chain treasury, founders, partners, etc.

An essential aspect of FUMA token distribution involves allocating 24% of $FUMA tokens to the Callisto Network community and 6% through airdrops to the broader crypto community. This approach guarantees that a third of the total supply directly supports a wide and diverse user base, addressing the centralization concerns prevalent in many Proof of Stake (PoS) platforms.

Crucially, 40% of the total token offering is reserved for Fushuma decentralized treasury. This secures resources for the project’s long-term development and sustainability and empowers the community to drive Fushuma’s direction by deciding on funding allocations and project initiatives. You can read more about the Fushuma Decentralized Treasury here.

Furthermore, 15% of the tokens are allocated to founders and the founding partners, aligning with long-term interests and motivating ongoing contributions to Fushuma’s ecosystem growth. Finally, 15% is reserved for VCs, technology partners, and advisors. Included in this 15% is a special allocation of 1% for an ICO aimed at ensuring initial liquidity and engaging investor participation.

This distribution ensures that while we engage industry stakeholders and secure the necessary funding, the community’s voice remains paramount in guiding Fushuma’s path. It reflects our commitment to transparency, fairness, and the empowerment of every stakeholder in shaping our shared ecosystem.

Fushuma: Decentralization with Equity and Vision

  • Token Generation Event (TGE): The initial creation and distribution of the blockchain project’s native tokens. It marks the point at which tokens become publicly accessible.
  • Cliff: A period following the TGE when no tokens are distributed. After the cliff period ends, tokens begin to be released according to the vesting schedule.
  • Vesting: A process by which token holders gradually gain access to their tokens over time. This mechanism incentivizes long-term holding and alignment with the project’s success.

The total allocation of $FUMA tokens is 21 billion ( The detailed breakdown of these tokens is as follows:

  1. CLO coins and CLOE tokens Holders (24%): At the Token Generation Event (TGE), 5% of the tokens allocated to CLO and CLOE holders will be immediately unlocked and distributed. Subsequently, cliff and vesting periods will be applied, varying according to the migration date. This structure includes a progressive vesting schedule to incentivize long-term holding of the tokens, complemented by a cliff period designed to reward early engagement.

Note: Any tokens from this allocation that remain unclaimed after the migration period will be redistributed, ensuring that every part of the community benefits from unclaimed assets.

Specifically, CLO and CLOE migrators are eligible to receive up to 100% of the amount they initially migrated, the On-Chain Treasury, ICO investors, and Airdrop participants will also benefit from this redistribution. Details can be found in the table 2.

Table 1. The cliff and vesting period for the migration of CLO and CLOE.

  • On-Chain Treasury (40%): The treasury will be minted at TGE and placed into the Fushuma Treasury smart contract to ensure the project’s long-term development and stability.
  • Founders and Founding Partners (15%): At the Token Generation Event (TGE), 15% of the tokens will be unlocked and distributed. The remaining 85% will be subject to a 24-month vesting period.
  • VCs, Technology Partners & Advisors (14%): Tokens allocated to this group are deposited into a specific DAO, with individual agreements incentivizing their support and long-term commitment to the platform’s growth. A typical initial availability ranges from 5-15%, followed by a cliff period of 0-6 months and a vesting period of 12 to 24 months.
  • ICO (1%): At the Token Generation Event (TGE), 100% of these tokens will be unlocked to attract new investors to the ecosystem and enhance liquidity.
  • Airdrop (6%): All airdropped tokens will be unlocked at the Token Generation Event (TGE). The vesting schedules and cliff periods will be dynamically adjusted according to the type of airdrop and specific actions performed by the participants.

The above are summarised in the following table (Table 2).

Table 2. $FUMA allocation, vesting, and cliff periods for the different categories.

* Allocations are secured by a DAO and subject to on-chain governance decisions. This ensures the release of funds upon community consensus, thereby encouraging decentralization and empowerment of the platform.holders

** Tokens not claimed during migration will be reallocated among CLO and CLOE holders, the On-Chain Treasury, ICO investors, and airdrop participants. This ensures a more equitable distribution of $FUMA tokens across the ecosystem. These tokens will be subject to cliff and vesting schedules.

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