How to Stake CLO

Cold staking is a protocol that rewards long-term coin holders for staking their Callisto coins.

Callisto Network Telegram AMA 21/09/2018

Callisto Network Telegram AMA 21/09/2018


Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Yohan Graterol 21-09-2018

Hi, @yograterol

Here is my first question: Will CLO top 100 sat before the end of this AMA?

I hope it, but I don’t know, it depends of the market (buyers ❤️)

How is marketing going, what’s new?

It’s going great! We improved the google ads campaign. We are changing the way we manage social media and we are getting some partnerships

Where can I get some quality CLO logo images to print some t-shirts?

Well I read team members get paid in usd now? Will they be paid with the money you receive from the direct buy option on the website?

We will pay in CLO but the salary will be established in USD. We will send CLO at the current exchange rate.

Wouldn’t it be an idea to pay them in BTC? And use CLO from treasury or own buy-in for the buy option on your site? It would take the pressure of the CLO price

We need BTC, to pay infrastructure, exchanges, google/fb ads.  We can’t sell a lot of CLO to pay salary; every team member wants CLO.

Hello Yohan, could you tell us how long the paper “KYC” will be ready, and how long will you send the papers to HitBTC? When the papers are going to be ready then shipped, they will be shipped from Venezuela right? You can tell us where are based HitBTC? After receiving the papers how long does HitBTC take to process the file?

Company and Legal opinion are ready.

Company registration –

Legal Opinion  –

We’re transferring the company from Dudlik to Sampol and me.

With it, the Legal Opinion will receive an update to put my name as CEO.

After it, we will send the documents to HitBTC.

We’re sending the required documents to to buy the company.

When the day hitbtc?

Before HF1 (Hard Fork 1 @ 11-11-2018)

Batman vs. Superman vs. Dexaran: Who’s better?

Dexaran. Batman and Superman don’t know about Smart Contracts.

There will be new exchanges before hitbtc?

SistemKoin or CryptoBridge, I hope CryptoBridge.

CLO planned listing on other exchanges soon?



I will publish an analysis about ABCC; they are doing fake volume. check this it’s weird, 24h volume doesn’t match with the chart, book order has unusual moves.  I don’t want  another exchange with 0 volume for CLO.

Has the new cold stacking been audited?

Yes, we’re fixing the issues.

Planning to maintain the price of CLO? 88sat small price.

We don’t want a small price for CLO. We need to improve more the product, publish news frequently, improve marketing.

A new marketer better than the old one?

We have a new marketer, @alejomc is the new Head of Marketing, He is improving Google ads and Youtube strategy.

@alejomc: A different point of view and ways to work. I would say different.

How much do you plan to sell per month with clo? (about the direct buy option)

Right now, 3-4 million.

On Monday  (24/09) we will publish the new financial report, there we will find the needed amount monthly to keep running the project, so, it could change, decrease or increase.

Now the sell feature is uncapped, however if we oversell we will fix it rebuying from Stocks Exchange.

Where you gone publish that pls ?

BTC/CLO ?, ETC/CLO ? (about the direct buy option)

Of course, the next step is add ETC and ETH.

Do you have questions for us?

Thanks. I like your question.

So, what do you wait from product perspective from Callisto?

And what would improve from the current Callisto features, team, website, etc?

Well, I think we should do much more with marketing. Maybe contract a well known and active Youtube member. Also much more visibility on other crypto channels. Current Youtube channel is nice but if we could contract a Youtube with over 1 million members

Do you have some candidates? I would like to know which are the better youtubers?

Most importantly: comfortable cold staking, to be understood.

You’re right. We need to do it friendly for everyone.

@yograterol what about cooperation?

Cooperation from community could work, moving the proposals to the forum ( will allow to the community takes part of this type of decisions. 

Hi Yohan. Do you know that there is no Ethash coins on CryptoBridge? Did you negotiate with them about CLO listing? CLO will be the first Ethash coin on that exchange.

@alejomc: I’m talking with them right now. They are going to tell me when we could get into the exchange. Paperwork and others is finished, right now depends on their side to open Eth based coins/tokens

What price CLO are you waiting for after the new year? 2019.

I can’t predict the price, but I would like to get a market cap of 50-100m dollars. Rising market cap will translate to better rank in CMC, opening new possibilities in more prominent exchanges.

Is CLO considered as a site for tokens in the future?

Yes. I’m looking a DEX in CLO. We want more projects for CLO, if someone has a project and wants to deploy it in CLO, plz write me [email protected], we could support it.

One IMPORTATNT question please!! Who will mine CLO after 11.11.2018 HF1 ??? Now, i mine CLO from the beginning and have more than 800K of CLO. When I put it all to the cold stake, it will be more proffitable than minning !!!

Well, if the miners gone, the diff will reduce so, miners who stay will get more CLO.

Thanks 4 answer… but miners are very, very important for stability and ability of the network !??

Yes. I see a future where we have: POW + POS + Cold Staking.

POW = 40% of the reward

POS = 30% of the reward

Cold Staking = 20% of the reward

Treasury 10%

POW requires a high investment

POS could require a high entry fee

Cold Staking 1 CLO minimum

I hope staking will be easy to do. Woukd be nice if we could just hold it on coinomi or trust wallet. Or make a special staking android Wallet, that would be groundbreaking

We’re talking with Coinomi, we have a “yes” but we need to close the deal.

Still I really don’t get the price development of clo. With such great things upcoming and cold staking near, I would think people would really buy in big

and the circulating supply will reduce too, it’s a big deal for everyone.

Yohan dont forget your target … be on big exchange and use clo for buy in real life … but we need more volume

Yes, It’s in my mind everyday ?

Hello Yohan , what your team planed doing after the mining stage , which will last just 5.5 years.  And what will be with cold staking reward?

We’re analyzing it.

We will apply a monetary policy to stay the mining stage for more years.

End of AMA