How to Stake CLO

Cold staking is a protocol that rewards long-term coin holders for staking their Callisto coins.

Cold Staking on Trust Wallet

Cold Staking on Trust Wallet

General information about Cold Staking:

  • You can start staking at any time.
  • A staking round always lasts 27 days.
  • You need to keep some CLO on your wallets to cover transaction fees (generally ~1 CLO is enough).
  • Please note that once you have started a staking round, you must wait until the end of the staking period (27 days) before adding funds to the staking contract, otherwise the current reward will be lost and a new round will start.
  • We recommend you to withdraw the entire deposit with the reward once the staking round is completed, and then re-start the staking.


1. Open Trust Wallet on your smartphone.

2. Select the “DApps” tab on the bottom.

3. Tap on “See All” under the “Popular” section.

3.1. On IOS devices, you must enter the following link in the search bar, then skip to step 4.1.

4. Look for the Cold Staking DApp and tap on it.

4.1. IOS users have to switch the network from Ethereum to Callisto by tapping on the Ethereum logo on the top right corner.

Tip: For easy access, bookmark the page!

5. Tap on “Start Staking” and then enter the amount you want to put in the Cold Staking contract and Tap on “Yes, of course”.

6. Tap on “Stake now!”, check the transaction, and tap on “Approve”.

7. Done! You are now doing Cold staking on Trust Wallet.


Cold Staking

Passive income in few steps.