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November 2023

Welcome to the final, 2023 edition of Callisto Network’s Monthly newsletter!

We’re literally at the start of a new year, and the team is truly excited about 2024. Based on what we’re seeing, we’re expecting 2024 to be a blockbuster year for crypto in general and for Callisto specifically.

But for now let’s briefly recap life inside the Callisto Network over the month of November…

Growing the Grassroots

Callisto’s Community Marketing effort is clearly bearing fruit.

The Callistonians Medium page keeps gaining momentum, and to celebrate the to 200 subscribers milestone, the Callistonians ran a Follow, Share, and Win! The contest is designed to spread the word about all the growth that’s going on inside the Callisto Ecosystem.

The participants were asked to follow Callistonians’ Medium page and tweet and share their favorite articles using the hashtags #CallistoNetwork, #CLOAirdrop, and #CryptoCommunity.

Winners were airdropped bags of CLO, with first place collecting 12,000 CLO, second place collecting 5,000 CLO, and third place collecting 3,000 CLO.

The aim was to expand awareness of Callisto, the network’s initiatives, and the achievements we’ve accomplished together as a community. And based on the growth of our Medium page, the outreach effort is working. So, a big “Thank you!” to the Callistonian community.

The winner of this event was @TJTNEVERGIVEUP, whose tweet explained that “Why I’m Buying That Altcoin Everyone Else Is Selling” was his favorite story on Callistonians’ Medium page.


Tweet This!

In our continued effort to engage and empower the Callisto community, we’ve introduced a new initiative that simplifies and streamlines the way Callistonians can support and promote the network, we released a brand new Zaely Board and the Callistonians willing to actively support the decentralized marketing efforts can now perform 3 types of tasks:

  • One-Time Tasks: Unique tasks for a substantial one-time XP boost.
  • Daily Tasks: Engage with Callisto Network every day for consistent rewards.
  • Weekly Tasks: Dive deeper each week with special tasks for bigger rewards.

We have curated a library of prepared tweets to ensure our key messages are communicated clearly and effectively and make the process even easier for members wishing to support Callisto Network. These tweets are crafted narratives that encapsulate the essence of Callisto Network’s commitment to security and innovation in the blockchain space. This collection will be continuously expanded to reflect our latest achievements, milestones, and insights.

These efforts aim to raise awareness about Callisto Network’s position as a safe EVM chain. Each tweet covers our commitment to security, decentralization, and community-driven innovation. This strategic approach to community engagement is supported by 89 active members and has considerably increased the visibility and awareness of Callisto Network.

To start with Decentralized Marketing activities click here!

In unity, there is strength. Each tweet, each share, each chat is a part of the larger picture of Callisto’s Decentralized Marketing vision. Together, we’re raising awareness and cementing the reputation of Callisto Network, through this strategy, we aim to set new standards in blockchain, once again.Laurent Riche CEO of Callisto Enterprise.

AMA Returns

Our latest AMA had Vladimir, Tonton, and Dr. ZS fielding questions from the community for more than an hour. We love these opportunities to connect with the community directly because they foster the transparency we’re striving for as a team—no matter if the question is easy to answer or hard.

During this recent AMA, the community asked 45 questions. We won’t go through all of them here, but if you’d like to listen to the AMA, or read the transcript, you can do here. But we will share one question and answer that we think is important to address:

Question: [You’ve] suddenly changed the CEO [and] CTO without warning. Soy is dead. None of the planned project[s] on Callisto blockchain [are] finished. [Does] the project [have a] future? Any reason not [to] trust the project? I know, there is (was) a bear market, but I’m really [sceptical] because of poor developments last year…


  • Tonton Benz: It is normal to be skeptical, but you should look at the bigger picture; before Callisto Enterprise, none of the “unfinished projects'” existed. We want to develop good platforms, and it takes time. And it is not true that nothing is working; the bridge, for example, is probably the most secure and user-friendly in the crypto space. As for Soy specifically, we indeed decided to pause the development for a few months, but SOY is far from dead; we developed and released a custom UI a few months ago.
  • Dr_ZS: Let me also add something about SOY Finance. All of us understand that it is in the right direction! UI has changed, and I believe that has been significantly improved with a more polished UI. Monetary policy has changed to a significantly less inflationary model, and there is the place for new mechanisms to be introduced for which we have been waiting a lot of time. For me insurance is something unique.

Crypto has always been a challenging industry for technological, financial, emotional, and political reasons. Upstart companies try something new, and something new doesn’t always work out. Too many companies in that situation throw up their hands in defeat and go away.

The companies that will ultimately win are those that recognize what they tried was a failure, or at least not as good as they’d envisioned, but instead of going away, they pivot and try harder. That’s what the Callisto Enterprise team has been doing across much of 2023 – pivoting and trying harder.

And we’re confident that will pay off in 2024.



The Day the Crypto Whale Lost

We end this newsletter by drawing your attention to the Call to Impact series of articles.

The latest winner is a true David vs. Goliath story detailing how resilience and collective action rewrote the rules by which the crypto market plays. A whale that once might have moved the market to his desire was, instead, speared by a defiant community unwilling to allow the whale to win. The community? Our very own Callistonians.
You can read that story here, which won its writer 150,000 $CLO.

With that, we come to the end of our monthly review—and the end of another year together as Callistonians. We know 2023 was hard—on everybody from investors to developers to community members and team members. But as 2024 begins, know that we are striving to make Callisto one of the best networks in crypto.
And we truly believe we’re on the right path.

Talk to you again soon. Until then, have a fabulous Year 2024!!



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