Adoption – One step closer 

Invictus Group invited Callisto Network to become a new strategic partner on November 9, 2020.

We came with a new vision, a new team, new energy. Since the inception, we have started to transform Callisto to accommodate more use cases and move to the enterprise area along with us.

We established the Callisto Enterprise as the platform to bridge Callisto Network with Mobility Ecosystem and beyond.



Meanwhile, we started to work on getting customers to be able to increase adoption and begin to generate fees to increase the value of the network.

The draft of the website is available here.

The CLO Enterprise’s roadmap here.

Initial video presentation of Callisto company is available here.


About Invictus Group

In the course of 2020, a new investor acquired a stake in Invictus group. The Investor entered Invictus with a clear strategic business plan to integrate its well-established Public transport and mobility ecosystem with a digital business of Invictus. Invictus gains a strong partner, a new business, and a well-known team with long-term combined experience from the Public transport, financial, and IT sectors. We are bound to build up a unique ecosystem across all industries of our expertise.

Here are areas of our main interest:

  • Datacentres – Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Rendering, AI, Machine-learning
  • Financial products and services connected to Cryptocurrencies for regulated entities, family offices, and qualified investors.
  • Crypto legal advisory services.
  • Mass Transport – Smart Mobility, Green Mobility, Micro mobility, and Integrator of the Mobility.

We have been in all these businesses for more than six years. With the new partner, we plan to use Callisto Network to enhance all those businesses and develop disruptive business models, flexible to smartly innovate and acquire when beneficial for accelerating future growth.

We have local, regional, and global ambitions to expand our known-how and business model, which is in its entirety unique. There is no comparison in the world where under one umbrella house both public and private sector mobility providers and operators. We work hard on green mobility to capture an emerging opportunity and be a front runner in hydrogen mobility.


How the Journey has started

·        We announced cooperation with Callisto Network

·        We posted several baits to deliver.

·        We regularly present progress.

·        We plan to strengthen the project pipeline.

·        We plan to roll out a detailed plan for I.Q 2021.

·        The plan will be extended for the entire 2021 and 2022 in the I.Q 2021 to make sure we focus on the most fertile projects.

·        We set up a team to develop a platform and invest a significant amount in Research & Innovation.

·        We have signed off cooperation with partners with an annual number of passengers over 1.3bn – see singed letters


Our Clients

Our clients operate the public transport services for regional governments or municipalities.  They are founded and managed by regional governments and are funded of public funds. 

Invictus and its partners are one of very few mobility ecosystems in the world cooperating with both public and private sector in public transport at the same time in the same region.

Operator ICT – Prague

We were able to secure Operator ICT, to work with us on preparing implementation of our solution and be the first to work with us to bring this innovative solution to live. Operator ICT is owned by city of Prague.



Oredo – Regions of Hradec Kralove and Pardubice

We are delighted to announce that Oredo, the company that manages Hradec Králové and Pardubice’s regions, has just confirmed its interest and support in our solution. Oredo is regional transport integrator for regions of Hradec Kralove and Pardubice. Oredo is 50 percent owned by Hradec Kralove region and 50 percent owned by Pardubice region.




Oredo’s letter of intent:  





KORID LK – Region of Liberec

KORID LK – signed intend to cooperate with us on our solution. KORID LK is regional transport integrator for Liberec region. KORID LK is 100 percent owned by region Liberec.




KORID LK’s letter of intent:  





Koordinátor ODIS – Region of Moravskoslezký

Koordinátor ODIS shows interest in our project and wants to be part of testing and cooperating with us. Koordinátor ODIS is regional transport integrator for Moravskoslezký region. Koordinátor ODIS is owned by region Moravskoslezký and city Ostrava.



ODIS’s letter of intent:  


Key points of the letters of intent translated from Czech – The letter is similar for all clients

Subject: Support and expression of interest in the Callisto Enterprise blockchain implementation project results in QR payments and green mobility applications.

After studying the attached project description, I would like to express my interest in your project’s relative and final results, which you are preparing with the mentioned partners (Callisto Enterprise).

We are convinced that we can contribute effectively to the consultation and opposition of project results.

(…) We will therefore support the project in the areas of :

1) Consultations in search of the optimal form of functions for passengers, coordinators, and service customers,

2) Consultations to find the appropriate methods for integrating services and data sources,

3) We are ready to provide test data for non-commercial project development needs and, optionally, to provide an interface to test the function in the environment of the Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions (On other Letters its Moravskoslezký kraj and Liberecký).

We are ready to spearhead the trend and position our ecosystem as trendsetters.


From vision to reality

Public transport services guarantee our product’s usage at least twice a day when making a trip from home to work and back. Meanwhile, there are connected services of micro-mobility to offer a complete trip covering the first and last mile.

We, members of the team and associated entities are in the public transport business for over 15 years. Our long-term vision is to build an ecosystem on public transport principles and expand across all connected services.

The ecosystem built around smartly adds services to enhance traffic.

We start in Czech with a clear penetration strategy over CEE countries in 2021. The whole EU will be developed along with CEE to achieve the 2025 goal to present global coverage. It may well happen that some continents will be faster adopters as public transport disruption is going to happen in next couple of years.

We are ready to spearhead the trend and position our ecosystem as trendsetters.




We are in regular contact with many potential partners. It is a long-term process, so the conversion is seamless.

All new entrants are interested in our R&I, particularly Callisto Network’s accommodation in their day-to-day business. It is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, we know where we are heading and why. We explored the feasibility of the project a year ago. Since, we have been in discussion with partners, clients, academics, and scientists to find a way to implement a blockchain in public transport and related services. There were many feedback, so it gave us certainty, we are on a good track and the EU budget and priorities strongly support our integrated project.


How difficult it is to make announcement?

Let us show you how much time an announcement takes and how many people work on it. (Not including graphic or Callisto Network Team).

  • Operator ICT – 5 People – 2 months.
  • ČVUT – 4 People – 1,5 months.
  • OREDO – 4 People – 1,5 months.
  • This announcement – 5 People – 4 weeks.

For example, on the draft of monetary policy update work, six people and two external advisors. Not talking about legal work for our lawyers, we need to have solved to be able to announce some of the proposed changes.


Timeline of next announcements

January 2021

  • Main partner announcement.
  • Monetary Policy proposal.
  • Airdrop details.


Budget for development

We are pleased to announce we secured funds for developing Callisto Enterprise, and we are now in the process of expanding the team and strengthen the development team. We will work with CTU of the Faculty of Transport Sciences and other partners to develop, to some extent, a unique product. (Will be announced in detail in January).

We plan to spend 400-500k USD in 2021 and 600-700k in 2022.

The number mentioned above is not final. We will invest more once we have seen traction and business developing in line with our predictions.

This is an initial investment to get started.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas time with your loved ones.


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