On September 10, 2018, Yohan Graterol, Callisto Network’s co-founder, met the community to discuss Callisto Network company registration and EOS interchain.



When do you add a coin to the Whattomine?

@Yohan: I guess after HitBTC, they support a limited amount of exchanges.

Are you in Europe now?

No, I would like but no.

I would like to know if it will be possible to launch tokens on clo network.

Absolutely! ERC20 token works well in Callisto. 100% EVM compatible.

So CLO will be registered in Estonia?

Yes, we finally registered the company there -EU company.

Q: Hey, everyone, I want to ask about marketing. After Hitbtc, what will be our marketing roadmap for one year? For my idea we need to keep our money for a while. The market is not good. We can spend them during a good market or season.

Right now our marketing plan is this:


So, after HitBTC we will apply the marketing plan at 100%. However, think in a plan for a year is a bit risky because the market situation changes fast. We need to think in a new marketing plan for CLO HF1, another for CLO HF2 maybe. I only assure you that we will not stay still.

Where Dexaran?

He is a bit disconnected from the community. He delegated day to day work to the team, to keep his focus on research work for Callisto.

Tell me whether a free audit will be canceled in the future because it seems to me a bit of a hindrance to the price to go up. At the current exchange rate, the more temporary is not large.

It’s not planned. However, with cold staking, it could change a bit, the audit requester will lock funds while the audit process happens.

Is there any agreement with the internal team to keep their salary instead of selling them to the market?

We have a gentlemen agreement. However, our salaries represent less than 3% of the monthly new supply.

Not much left to ask, is everything ready for the cold staking? Do we have any news regarding audits with EOS contracts?

We are working on the second version of the smart contract. It could have some changes, and we’re auditing the current smart contract to avoid security issues.

About EOS, we have our first EOS smart contract audit request, in the next days, Yuri will assign an auditor.

As far as I remember, at the very beginning, there was the idea of combining the circuit with ETC and scaling the ETC through CLO. Then Dexaran said that the ETC was hostile to the CLO. How are things now?

I love ETC <3. But right now it’s on hold that idea. In change, we’ll look for EOS integration with the interchain feature of EOS.

Please explain why you began to formalize the company after so long after the project was launched? After all, you probably knew that you would need it in this kind of activity. Why did not you design it at the very start or before the start?

We didn’t think about it; it wasn’t a point for us when developing the project. It wasn’t cool, but we solved it.

Is it possible in this case, full integration with the EOS, ie I mean the CLO will become part of the EOS network functional in the security section?

To clarify, do you mean being recommended by EOS organization as security auditors?

No, I meant precisely the passage of the entire audit for EOS through the CLO. Although now, I understand the banality of my question because it violates the very principle of decentralization.

Well, we could (And I would like) be EOS smart contract security provider, but I’m not sure if being the only player would be well. 

The last question is whether the coin’s price is critical for the project, in your opinion?

I don’t think that price is critical, but the price could impact, for example, in the salary of the devs or team members, it’s hard to define a stable wage by the fluctuation of the market.

It’s the same position for all coins right now.

Thanks to everyone.


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