On 20th August 2018, Yohan Graterol, Callisto Network’s co-founder, answered questions about $CLO listing on HitBTC and cold staking feature.


Hi, @yograterol

Please, could you inform us, at what stage is the preparation of documents requested by the HitBTC exchange?

I’m still waiting for Colombia lawyers. They have not obtained the necessary papers for us. The last discussion, on Friday, where I did another push to them.

In parallel the past Monday, I contacted ICOMalta.com to set up the company on Malta with them avoiding the Colombia lawyers/laws.

How much time approximately will it take to get prepared documents and submit them to the exchange?

I hope two weeks more, Malta, promising from ICOMalta CEO is 5 business days after receipt documents in Colombia.

@yograterol tell me if we have any prospects to make audits for eos? Have they confirmed from their side to have our auditors perform it ?

Yes, Yuri will be able to audit EOS smart contracts and we’re hiring to scale the audit team.

A question no 2; can we expect cold staking inside the already available wallets?

CEW yes.

Mobile wallets for this year maybe not, but I will touch to Guarda and Coinomi developers initially.

What about the EOS Audit Team? Do we already have managers and developers for EOS?

We have members of the audit team capable of audit EOS smart contracts.

After launch our audit platform we will announce EOS audit team. We are migrating from https://github.com/EthereumCommonwealth/Auditing to our platform to do the audit process friendly.

Hello Yohan!

There were a few questions:

Does the team plan to launch its decentralized exchange?

Not yet. But if you want to launch one we could help you with budget and devs.

Interesting, I’m french, and I’m not experienced in developing an exchange site, but if I want to set up an exchange … Callisto team can help me.

We can guide you, it’s necessary development knowledge or a dev team for that.

Is the expansion of the team planned?

Yes, we’re looking right now auditors for Solidity, C++ (EOS). The goal is to audit >50 smart contracts monthly.

Why do not you want to create tokens on the Callisto platform, this would strengthen the project’s credibility.

I’m working on eSport DApp/Token. Everyone here could deploy tokens, maybe in the near future Callisto is more suitable for DApps and not token (ICO) because we need a decentralized to support CLO tokens.

When to Launch Viper?

CLO is 100% compatible to EVM, you could use Vyper right now. We are looking Python developer to audit Vyper smart contracts.

In cognitive purposes I will share with you some observation, there is a purse: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead Now he is on the 63rd place of rich wallet: ~750k About him there is an article. Perhaps after receiving coins from ETC, it turns out that this amount CLO is likely untouched!

We burn the initial mining coins for the airdrop distribution. We send all coints to that address.

Hi Yohan, what are the associations of the image picture -the Callisto symbol. There are 3 parts with different colors and the arrows.What does it mean?

Our logo is inspired by https://medium.com/@bit_novosti/a-crypto-decentralist-manifesto-6ba1fa0b9ede.

When will the Clo be listed in HitBTC?

Callisto will be on Hitbtc when the KYC process finishes.

I wrote to HitBTC the last week, and we keep excellent communication waiting for the required documents.

Are you in talks with Barry Silbert about Callisto? GrayscaleInvest has a lot of Clo on the account.

I don’t. Maybe Dexaran, I will write to him, it’s a good idea. Barry Silbert is a good person IMHO.

@yograterol It had to be done in the first place!

Barry Silbert is in Callisto Discord, he is watching the progress.

Why is the price of CLO so low?

  1. The market is down.
  2. Callisto is a young project.
  3. We need more exchanges to get more volume.

Exchange Poloniex adds interesting projects for free. Need to try. Your marketer says that he will turn to poloniex only after adding to hitbtc, and this is not soon.

Thanks, Poloniex could be a good deal for us. Yes, we will look for more exchanges after HitBTC listing, the bigger exchanges has a similar KYC process, we need the papers.

@yograterol I talked about it a month ago to @sneg55 In Russian group.

Good to know, @sneg55 has a good idea with HitBTC and more exchanges. He built a list of exchanges to apply after HitBTC, he is writing right now to more exchanges.

You maintain relationships with the developers of the EOS?

Not yet. We will create a relationship with them because:

  1. We need to audit EOS smart contracts with their support.
  2. Interchain implementation will be an amazing feature.

You will audit their smart contracts. how do they feel about that?

I don’t know. We need to start to audit EOS smart contracts first, a product is worth a thousand words.

Do you have any more good news for us?

  • We start the support to Multi geth https://github.com/ethoxy/multi-geth/pull/9 (go-callisto will be multi geth)
  • This week we will launch the website for http://0xinfra.com/ (ETC/CLO infrastructure), when you make a ETC transaction maybe you’re using 0xinfra, we support and maintain it in-house.
  • This week we started the audit platform development.
  • Buy CLO from the website should be online this week.

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