On August 6, 2018, Dexaran, security expert and Callisto Network’s co-founder, answered questions from the community about smart contracts audits, Ethereum Classic, and cold staking.



DEX, with the connivance of the leadership, we lost money; for the future, do not say soon if you do not know precisely when (about listing on HitBTC).

@Dexaran: The problem here was that we knew the date. The listing date was 15 June. When the time comes, HitBTC said: “OK, now we need additional CLO for testing.” Then they said, “OK, now we need additional documents that we have not discussed in listing terms, but we want it now.”

The truth is that you need to solve a relatively simple problem with KYC (Know Your Customer, required for listing on HitBTC), which you are doing without any result for several weeks.

I’m not solving this problem for several weeks. You are wrong.

How much time is needed to solve the problem KYC?

It is up to @yograterol. I’m not going to deanonymize myself or provide any documents.

It is 6 August now, and there are at least 7 weeks passed since 15 June, the date when HitBTC asked additional documents.

15 June was not the date when HitBTC asked for additional documents. They asked many additional things such as additional “test CLO” and “CLO for our final tests”…

Hello Dexaran!
You are accused of hacking DAO, are you related to this?

I would say no.

Do you live in Russia until you plan to emigrate?

Yes, currently, I live in Russia.

Do you remain an anonymous developer for the time being, what is the reason, perhaps Russian special services that want to control you?

I would say that I’m going to remain anonymous for at least 2 years more.

Your project is focused on the English-speaking community, although you are a Russian developer, why?

I think that the project is not focused on any community. Everyone is welcome to join and participate regardless of nationality.

What is your age? Since much is happening at the level of good discipline and a clear following of the roadmap.

I would prefer to avoid questions concerning my personality.

Do you have experience managing the team?

Yes, I have some experience managing small development teams. However, I was a standalone developer for the most time.

Question about smart contract audit: How much a smart contract can be vulnerable and what are the possible consequences, and your responsibility?

I think that our responsibility is the same as the responsibility of any security auditor. If the audited contract is vulnerable, then you lose your reputation. In the case of CLO – bad auditors lose their “karma” and their salary.

In addition to the audit, you still have some plans for implementation, such as increasing transactions, I know you create Viper.

I’d like to implement:

  1. Parallelization engine (inspired by EOS) to allow for interchain operability.
  2. eWasm VM
  3. File storage

Did you participate in the development of the Metamask plug-in?

I didn’t participate in Metamask development, but we ported Metamask into ETC earlier.

Dexaran, if you would have $10000, how much 1)CLO, 2)ETC, 3)another cryptocurrency you will buy, ratio?

  1. 60% EOS ($10).
  2. 10% XRP (0.44 cent and sell soon).
  3. 10% ETC ($20).
  4. 10% CLO ($0,02).
  5. 10% ADA ($0,12).

Hello Dexeran, nice to see you again. I hope you are doing much better again!
I have a question regarding Ethereum Classic, if I understand that correctly, Callisto was founded to provide more security at the $ETC with the smart contract. Now, why does not Ethereum Classic support Callisto marketing?

I have not seen a flyer or comment from ETC regarding the collaboration. Would it not be possible for the Ethereum Classic to address its developers of smart contracts to say that they would like to use Callisto to ensure their security?

We started this project as an “extension to Ethereum Classic ecosystem” to ensure smart-contracts security. However, not all ETC community members agreed that it is to the benefit of the ETC community.

Unfortunately, most Ethereum Classic has interpreted our intention to launch a separate chain as an attack on ETC. There was also a personal dislike between me and some other Ethereum Classic development team members, which led to the current situation. I immensely regret it because I like Ethereum Classic, and I will do my best to enhance its development.

”Would not it be possible for the ETC to address its developers of smart contracts to say that they would like to use Callisto to ensure their security?”.

Definitely, they can. This is exactly what I wished it to be. Ethereum Classic community (members) decided that Callisto Network is not a part of ETC, and it should be censored and avoided by any costs. They remove any post that contains “CLO” abbreviation from their Reddit/ ban people talking about CLO in ETC discord and so on…

This does not benefit ETC or CLO, in my opinion, however, I’m not owning any ETC media resources, and I can’t order them to assist Callisto Team.

Thank you for your detailed answer. But I have to admit that I am a little confused about this statement. Can the community do anything to restore the relationship? Because I think that Ethereum Commonwealth can only be strong if everyone works together!

I think that over time the attitude will change by itself. Anyways, it is just obvious that we are not “damaging ETC reputation” anyhow. As time will go, we will bring some useful innovations or at least boost the security of smart-contract development platforms. Let our deeds speak for us.

HI there, I have a simple question about cold staking.
Does it matter to stake 10000 at once or 10 times 1000? For example, if a miner wants to stake his coins every day, it’s possible?

I would say that you need to pay for each claim separately. This means that you will pay for 250,000 gas if you stake with a single 10,000CLO worth account, but you will pay for 10 * 250,000 gas if you are using 10 accounts.

I think that if a miner wants to stake then it is better to accumulate a significant amount and then put it into staking.

Hi! What positive effect for the Callisto course is expected from a free audit of other platforms’ smart contracts, for example, EOS?

I don’t have any accurate info since it is more related to market speculations. I think that it can increase the network effect, which is beneficial for us.

Hi, Can you please tell me about your expectations from CLO. With the price today and the trouble you experienced with HitBtc, what you see happening in a couple of months (near future)?

I expect that we will finally resolve all these legal issues and get finally listed at HitBTC (and maybe some other exchanges). I don’t think that it will be the game changer for CLO though. I guess that the price will be affected by cold staking implementation, and the effect will take place at the beginning of 2019.

Hi again, nice to you see you! What is the reason for being HF1 so late? Is this protocol not ready yet or are there any other reasons?

We decided to perform 2 hard forks per year. This will make it easier for mining pool owners and exchanges to coordinate during the network’s upgrading.

Cold staking protocol is in the development stage. I’ve deployed the first test version today. It is not ready to be implemented “as-is” since it is a critically important feature. It needs to be tested and we will not launch cold staking unless absolutely sure that everything works exactly as intended.

But the fact is that there is no reason not to sell mined coins right now and therefore increase the dumping pressure? Am I right with the thoughts that the protocol is ready at the moment?

Cold Staking protocol is working but, it requires more testing. We are not going to implement it without proper testing/debugging.

And one last question, why everyone it’s only focusing on HitBtc, I believe it’s plenty of time to work on implementation to other major exchanges.

It is up to our marketing team. I’ve seen that they are working with other exchanges, but HitBTC is our main focus because they already took our money.

What do you think the Callisto community should be for the success of the project? Perhaps you can give some advice to Callisto community to better understand how to help the Callisto team?

Well. I think that we need bigger community first. CLO community is quite active, and many community contributors are creating/solving proposals, but the community size does not allow us to expand quickly.

Are you going to list Callisto on Binance when you meet the criteria of listing fee??

I would say yes. Binance is a large exchange and it should be worth it. However, over the past few years, almost all the top10 exchanges have changed and we no longer see the old exchanges there. Who knows where Binance will be in 1-2 years.

Why do you think Callisto is the extension to ETC ecosystem, although it uses different fork protocol and different supply system?? Shouldn’t it be the extension of Ethereum??

I would say that I prefer the version of the Ethereum code base. I wish ETC has it – that’s why we used it. If we plan to develop some features that will be ported into ETC then it is better to develop it on top of ETH code base. This will also help to maintain the minimal difference between these projects which is beneficial for both of them in my opinion.

Is there any chance that when I put clo in storage, someone will steal or break it, and I will lose my clo?

What do you mean by “put my CLO in storage”? Wallet?


No one can steal your CLO from staking.

Thx for your answers! And last off-topic question, if you don’t mind it. ETC or ETH? And why?=)

ETC. I think that ETC is still the moral winner.

I participated in everything that surrounded TheDAO and I voted against the fork, but I was in the minority. After that, I joined ETC.

Is the contribution of Callisto only limited to Ethereum Classic??
Anyone can fork Bitcoin / Ethereum and modify the reward algorithm to give token holders an incentive, is there anything special for Callisto’s cold staking except changing the reward??

I would say yes. Callisto’s cold staking incentivize stakers to participate in the project governance. It is planned to have a DAO-like governance system in CLO after HF2.

Why @dexaran and @yograterol decided to make a coin, not a token?? If the Callisto’s purpose was to create a fund for the security audit fund, you could make a token and distribute them?

The second goal was to “develop a reference implementation of protocol changes for ETC” which is not suitable for the token.

How can one be held accountable Yobit for their silence?

I don’t really know about Yobit. I will think about it anyways…

As far as I know, large exchanges have begun to require the audit of smart contracts like ERC20 and the like, this will play a huge role for the Callisto project The question is rather different, can Callisto do the audit for exchanges?

Definitely yes. This is our niche and one of our main goals.

As an Ethereum Classic’s main developer, what do you think about the difference between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum??
And if they are different, is it possible to maintain between those two ecosystems?

ETC and ETH differ in mentality much more than in technical aspects. Honestly, none of them has changed much since TheDAO hack. There were some breaking changes in both networks, but strategically they are still the same.

I’d like to maintain a minimal difference between ETC and ETH and I think that it would be beneficial for both projects. For example, we could join our efforts in solving our common problems:

  • Develop a universal explorer for all chains.
  • Develop a common wallet (such as MEW, CEW or MyCrypto but there is no need to separate them).

Right now Callisto’s mining reward is too high compared with initial distribution amount and net hash, why do you think 600 CLO per one block was necessary although it will exceed the supply of Ethereum Classic??

It is described in the whitepaper. Cold Staking model must work. If the emission rate will not be comparable with initial distribution, then staking will not have its effect.

What are the goals of achieving the price of Clo you see for yourself, what are the plans after all?

No price goals. It is possible to reduce the reward, but we are not planning to do this.

Right now, the Korean mining pool dominates 20% of nethash and there is a lot of Korean investors, including Ethereum Classic airdrop, do you have a plan to support them??

We will always be happy to support any members of the community and investors!

Do you think Classic’s core value is only restricted to political issue like dao hack rather than unique development??

I would say yes. I don’t see any unique development in ETC.

Why do you think exchanges support ETC and whale investors invest on ETC rather buying ETH??

ETC has a significant network effect. Exchanges can make money out of it. Investors do not care – they buy whatever can bring income.

Is there a search for new partners and investors to raise funds for the development of the project?

I would say yes. I would like to note that the marketing team works well in this direction and we should have good news soon.

Compared with other forked coins like Bitcoin Cash or Stella, Ethereum Classic dominates very small nethash and market cap, is there a way to solve this problem??

This will change once the price rises. ETC was quite unlucky in previous market cycle. That’s all that I can say about this situation.

Ethereum’s core value is not restricted to Ethereum Foundation but community resources like Etherscan or Metamask, Consensys, and Infura. Do you think ethereum forked base coin can have the same development level as Ethereum??

I think that Ethereum was the first and, it has the greatest network effect among Ethereum-based projects.

I don’t think that Ethereum-forked coin can have the same development level, and if it can, then why should it fork Ethereum? EOS is better, in my opinion.

3000tx/s EOS VS 15 tx/s ETH.

C++ VS Solidity.

The choice is obvious.

What is needed for the ether-based coin to grow??

I don’t see any value in Ether-based coins anymore. They can’t bring any significant technical innovation now.

You can now ask, “Wait, why you launched CLO at Ethereum code base then?”

The answer is because of ETC. We are developing reference protocol changes for ETC. And we also do not need sky-high TX speeds to create an experimental governance system and Auditing Department.

That’s why ETH code base is suitable for CLO – we are a narrowly specialized project with its own niche.

Will you participate in cold staking your balance

I would say yes. I didn’t sell any CLO from my own funds. I’m preparing to participate in early staking.

Is it possible to reduce the reward for finding a block before reaching 5000000, as this can help clo’s growth?

It is technically possible but we do not plan to do it.

Ethereum Classic has a handicap that there is a risk of dump from DAO hackers, do you think hacker will dump it’s airdropped funds on Callisto too??

If TheDAO hacker dumps his CLO (6M if I remember correctly), then it will not be a great tragedy, I suppose.

What price do you expect or as a small target from clo in the market?

Short-term price $0,05.

Do you think when DAO Hacker sell its fund, should it be refunded to dao hacker victims??

I don’t think so. There were no “victims” in fact. Everyone received ETH back. Nothing was lost since nothing was really stolen.

When you create a Viper and run a new project on it, will you encourage the CLO holders?

It doesn’t matter what programming language do you use. It’s just a matter of approach.

What did you mean porting Metamask?

We have the same extension that works with ETC chain.

Do you plan on bulletproof transactions?

Yes. I think that privacy is a really important issue here.

The main problem of ETC is that its rate can be dumped by large ETH owners, because they have a large stock ETC. CLO in this case, thanks to the emission of 6.5 billion less manipulated?

I don’t think that ETH whales are dumping their ETC to lower the ETC price.

You see how the community grows, what do you feel, do you feel support? How can we help?

Well. I feel that there are a lot of community members that are really interested in CLO destiny, especially when it comes to exchanges.

Do Ethereum Commonwealth made a profit by developing Ethereum Classic? I’ve heard there was an ICO to raise some funds for development, do you think you reached ICO’s goal?

We haven’t reached our goal but we did our best to boost ETC development.

But should Ethereum Classic be considered an inherent coin that existed before the hack, not an airdrop from DAO hardfork??
If the Ethereum Classic’s ideology is correct, Ethereum is more accurate for the airdrop, and Ethereum Classic should be refunded to the victims ?

Yeah, that’s right. However, from a mathematical point of view TheDAO hack “victims” are not in loss thus there is nothing to “refund”.

It is a question of whether to return their ETCs back or not. And I would say that its entirely their fault. Slock.it must test their software before allowing people to deposit millions of dollars into it. Users must know what they invest in.

I’d like to say that we are done for today. I will answer the rest of the questions later if you have any.

Good luck Callisto Community.


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