On December 2, 2020, Yohan answered questions from the community about Callisto Enterprise, the future stablecoin, and Masternodes on Callisto Network.


Admin: Hey, Callistonians !!

Hope you all are doing well! We are ready to start our AMA session with Yohan Graterol!

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Santa Yohan is here this time?

News are being published :) a hard work but we are getting good results.

@yograterol Can you tell more details about Callisto enterprise?

Callisto Enterprise born with the goal of provide blockchain services to EU companies, the firsts client will be announced soon.

Callisto Enterprise will provide part of revenue to fund Callisto Network project, funding the treasury.

We will see maybe some news sidechains around CLO however the coins will be CLO for all them.

It’s part of the idea to split CLO in commercial and community projects.

Hard work? What exactly?

You will see :)

Pirl will be on top of CLO?


Invictus was searching a coders for app Mobile. Can you share some info. Is this app for Callisto Blockchain, and how their success? Did work started or they continue searching a team of coders?

The app will use Callisto Blockchain but no for everyone, I mean that will have purpose for specific clients.

It will not be open source, someone is putting money for that and the implementation of that app will be a raising of txs in Callisto network and sidechains.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): For the trial period we expect 300k-1M transactions per day.

That is 150 transactions per block. For what fee?

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Every our client goes trough aml/kyc… expected fee that will go to callisto network should be around 0.1% (per transaction) but we still discuss it with clo team. Clients are used to pay between 1-3 percents from each transaction…

@yograterol As we all can see, the last few weeks have been extremely productive.
Can you reveal what’s in your focus for the next few weeks?

I am involved on the development of the products around Callisto Enterprise, I will lead to the new developer team to release as soon as possible the MVPs.

Now the news should continue arriving to all you constantly.

Any news from the EOS side?

This could be part of the solution of new sidechains but I can’t ensure that it will be used at the final implementation.

Any news from Dex? Any new achievements of his side? We all know that he follows a lonely road.

Well, he was recovered from COVID, he’s a survivors, give him time :)

@yograterol Are there any new exchanges?

For now no, our goal right now is to recover CLO/BTC in Bitfinex , with that we will move forward to the next listings, maybe before.

But we will not have a tons of listing taking in account that Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, Bitfinex, OKEx, Poloniex and FTX handles big part of the market of real volume in spot, No wash trading.

I would love to see CLO in a derivatives exchanges.

How do you evaluate the current status of the project? Are there only technical issues stay or is there still much depends from a lot of discussions/cases etc?

I analyzed part of this question with this https://twitter.com/yograterol/status/1333879487952527369?s=21

We are facing a recovery phase… Make Callisto great again!

I mean your deals))) You are held back by technical issues (time/covid/holidays etc) or there is still a lot of moments are not decided yet.

It’s a bit of everything, It’s a good moment to get some deals to bring CLO in commercial use, waiting a good recovery of economy in 2021-2022.

What is the expected volume of this 1M transactions? 0.5 USD for each transaction lets say that is the average?

Usually I would say in first use case its 1.5 usd, maybe more. For the trial period.

Yohan: @cReepass AMA is happening in parallel to my AMA, never seen before.

Im sorry im off to watch some movies.

Yohan: Hahahaha, no worry, I like it.

And how much clo should cost if transaction 1-1.5 usd…

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Adoption is key for any project. If its used by a lot of people the value will go up. I would say that clo price is really underestimated right now.

@yograterol any news from the lending with silver mechanism?

No, I will retake it when CLO get more attention from crypto space, to launch it better.

Will all public coin holders receive the same amount of corporate coins?

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Thats big question regarding complex monetary policy. I would say it will take us 1-2 months to complete it.

Hey, when is the trial period expected to start ?

cRepas V. (Invictus team): We are looking to have working prototype of first usecase in january. But its hard to estimate as its complex project.

When is Cold stacking 2.0 and Governance?

Dex is recovered! We’re retaking it.

So, we are expecting a new coin? I understood correct? Callisto – corporate coin?

No, CLO coin is THE coin.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Right now we are sure that one of the tokens will be stablecoin.

Callisto corporate stocks then?

I haven’t though about it, Callisto Enterprise will remain private for a time.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): There will be a way for clo coins owners to earn more ;-) but now its not completed and once its ready it will be published for comments.

@yograterol Is the need for validators planned? the planned commission will go to the cold stak? this would increase the percentage and interest in the CS)

Validators should exist for side chains! @cReepass tell me, Am I breaking the NDA? Hahahaha.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Nah you are still fine ;-)

Whats going to be the role of PIRL in all this?

Pirl doesn’t have a role on this, I didn’t talk with Pirl CEO about this. We’re friends but are different things.

@yograterol Would like to hear the plan, for the Callisto holders. we participate somehow in the private part, or we go overboard.

As holders you will be able to participate as validators or masternodes.

And how @cReepass a private round could be opened, a security token on CLO :) laws apply and no everyone could participate.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): We can open the private round for clo community if there is interest.

It depends we talked to lawyers and we found some interesting ways.

I would say anyone who has clo will benefit for sure. Anyone who is willing to sell can contact me ;-)

Hello! Sorry i didn’t read all questions/answers but is the plan to build dapps on CLO chain ?

Build Apps on CLO chains. I’m not sure if dapps.

There is no clear answer to the question. Will Callisto holders receive an airdrop in the private network, or will we be offered to buy a new coin? it is necessary to clarify this point for the holders. ?

The current coins will be used in sidechains, no new coins, no airdrops.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Its complex question. But 1. CLO is the main coin 2. Who will own it will be able to benefit in different ways. 3. All will be clear once its published later.

Admin: And that’s it for today! Thank you @yograterol for your time!

Thank you @cReepass for telling us more about Invictus’ projects regarding Callisto’s blockchain.

Thank you Callistonians for participating ?



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