Callisto Enterprise plans to collect 0.3% of the off-chain fees from the transactions executed on the Callisto Network Blockchain through its partnerships.

It has been decided that a portion of these fees will be distributed to Callisto Enterprise Token ($CLOE) holders. This amount will be defined in Callisto Network’s monetary policy, which is being finalized.

So, we’ve come up with a token whose holders can receive benefits from Cold Staking and the entities of the Callisto Enterprise ecosystem.

We also plan to have a Callisto Enterprise branch specifically for STO listings requiring customers to pay with Callisto Enterprise tokens.

Finally, we propose that active Cold Stakers will be rewarded with CLO Enterprise ($CLOE) tokens in proportion to the amount of $CLO coins locked.


Callisto Enterprise token specification



The CLO Enterprise token ($CLOE) maximum supply is set at 125,000,000 tokens.

These tokens will be allocated as follows:

  • 75 M (60%) Airdrop to Cold Stakers.
  • 6,25 M (5%) Private sale (CLO Enterprise wallet).
  • 12,5 M (10%) Callisto Enterprise team monthly reward (locked for 5 years with a fixed percentage released each month).
  • 31,25 M (25%) Callisto Enterprise team annual bonuses for 5 years (will be distributed to team members on an annual basis according to their objectives).



Callisto Network has found a new partner to expand its activities to the enterprises use-cases. In appreciation of the Callisto Network community and investors, it was agreed that Callisto Enterprise would provide an Airdrop to active Callisto coin ($CLO) Cold Stakers.

Considering the amount of $CLO coins in circulation, we plan to distribute approximately 0.05 Callisto Enterprise token ($CLOE) per Callisto coin ($CLO).

To be considered eligible for distribution, it is necessary to be an active Cold Staker on the “Cold Staking v.2” contract by June 15, 2021 (snapshot date).



  • June 1, 2021 (block 7.600.000) – Hard Fork Cold Staking V.2
  • June 15, 2021 at 00:00 UTC – CLOE Airdrop Phase 1 – Snapshot of Cold Stakers active on the “Cold Staking v.2” contract.
  • June 30, 2021 at 00:00 UTC – CLOE Airdrop Phase 2 – Distribution of CLOE tokens.

The date of the Callisto Enterprise Airdrop has been set for June 15th to enable operators to migrate to new client versions following the upcoming Cold Staking V.2 Hard Fork.



It was initially planned that CLO coin holders on exchanges would benefit from the CLOE Token Airdrop. After a thorough consultation with our partners, it turns out that this operation is technically tricky to achieve.

To guarantee the highest degree of fairness during the Airdrop, we have revised the distribution process to ensure that every CLO coin holder will be able to participate.

This document has been edited to reflect these changes.


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