On December 23, 2020, Yohan answered questions from the community about Callisto Enterprise, the Callisto Airdrop, and Bitfinex.


Admin: Ladies and gentlemen, AMA with Yohan Graterol, Callisto Network’s Co-Founder STARTS NOW!

Please be respectful, give Yohan the time to respond, and do not repeat questions. Thank you ?

Please, could you give us more information about the Mobility Ecosystem latest news?

Did you read the post? There are details a summary is:

– 7 regions in Czech Republic will work with us to implement CLO in the public transportation system. That’s huge!! Czech Republic has a lot of passenger yearly, between citizens and tourists. 1.1B passengers estimated.

Imagine how much txs… Ethereum handle 550 million of txs per year ?

– In the post you can find official documents signed with each region.

I want to ask about monetary policy. Do you plan change the reward from mining block?

Yes, it will be next announcement! We must adjust block reward, fees to share with coin holders… and two secret points ?

Two secret points ?

Yeah!! The secret points are the key of new monetary policy. It must impact the whole project ?

I’m not a particular fan of traditional airdrops and when I was scanning through 2021 plans I saw airdrop mentioned….would like to know more about that myself.

Why do you not like airdrops? There are details to be finished but it’s related to Callisto Enterprise.

Airdrops are rewards not handouts is my biggest gripe with most I’ve seen.

Understood, and this airdrop will work as rewards for active supporters of Callisto Network ??.

Does Dexaran still works on project?

Yes, he is working on changes of audit department, he gave feedback for monetary policy update.

Do you sign any contracts with Invictus and other companies for business?

Yes, Invictus is handling all negotiation with clients (regions) in Czech Republic, there are documents and tweets. The process is being transparent for everyone.

@yograterol Hello. On the previous AMA I asked about the airdrop, you said you won’t. Now again it is written what will happen. Can you say more ?

Same answer for this. Airdrop details will be published soon! Will be awesome.

Can you be more specifically, what does active support mean?

Active addresses , people moving CLO recently will receive the airdrop.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Every active CLO holder.

Is the main benefit only from CLO price going up or also from some real business sector?

I would say that the secondary benefit is the price ? for me the adoption in a country with a high demanded sector (public transportation) will have a big impact to the whole project to move to another industries and countries.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Every coin that has value (adoption) will rise in price… in some time.

@yograterol Please, could you let us know if users which stake coins will be able to get airdrop?

We are working in details, this is in consideration! In any case all holders will earn with Callisto Enterprise business model.

@yograterol Actually every aspect of the callisto eco systems is increasing at the moment, what is currently requiring the most attention from the Callisto Network team?

You are right mate! Right now we are hiring mobile developers!

MOBILE DEVELOPERS… We are looking you.

I want you for Callisto army!!


@yograterol Are you considering listing CLO on some more exchanges? Or it’s not the main goal for now? Probably I would like to buy a bit more CLO, but STEX already not the best place because of verification and I think the same issue may have some users too.

Hitbtc and Bitfinex don’t require verification :)

Let’s move all CLO to HitBTC and Bitfinex.

But yes, we are always considering new listing… But our target are major exchanges and for it we must reach milestones and get attention. It’s not only pay and list how the 90% of shitty exchanges.

HitBTC is good :3 Never tried Bitfinex.

Bitfinex is great! Less fees for withdraw than HitBTC, almost nothing.

I will try Hitbtc but I was under impression from others kyc is now required.

Bitfinex is not KYC required. I use Bitfinex a lot.

Usd transfers require kyc.

Everywhere, if you want to transfer FIAT will require KYC from Bank, exchange, the government and neighbors.

I’ll try that on Bitfinex too then, I’m making a new account now.

Great. And follow us in Bitfinex Pulse too :) ?

Do they have Onion service?

You can enter with Tor but no onion service.

There is a minimum CLO deposit at Bitfinex, does anyone know?

Admin: As I know there’s no minimum deposit, but you need at least 3696 to trade ?

@yograterol The number of coins after the airdrop will depend not only on the number of CLOs on hand, but also on the rounds of staking, and re-shot after a while?)). It seems to me, given the position “for natural price growth”, this is a logical anti-pumping method. Double shot.

No, we will not airdrop CLO! We can’t create new CLO coins from nothing! There will be a new token.

We are not the FED ;)

Like an ETH token? ERC-20?


cRepas V. (Invictus team): But CLO token…

ERC223 like a boss.

What is about clo-eos migration? Is it still on fire?

On hold, it’s better to put CLO in the Czech Republic streets!! And EOS is not progressing well in my humble opinion. The development team is doing another things.

@yograterol, can you share more details regarding the stablecoins on Callisto Blockchain?

There will be AMA each two weeks… ? We have enough time during the next weeks for it when we have more details to publish.

Hello Friend. Thank you well work.
Please tell us about the new monetary policy? When are the changes planned? To halving? And how many coins miners will receive??

We will publish the new monetary policy soon! There are not a trivial changes! It will have a big impact.

We are nuking the current monetary policy.

What is the Czech government position of Blockchain integration in their country? How they will get their fees? ))

They charge for the transportation! The fees is for us hahaha.

cRepas V. (Invictus team): Right now banks charge 1-3 percents from each tx.

Admin: And that’s it for today! Thank you @yograterol to always be available for the community ?

Thank you Callistonians for participating ?



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